Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two Things

Ok, so two things have caught my attention. I captured them both in these two photos. Let me explain......
Caleb and the Bumbo - who in the world woulda thought of making a seat for semi-floppy head babies out of the same stuff they use to make hunting targets. That's right. I grew up with a very avid hunting father and brother and this is the same stuff they use for hunting targets. Besides that, this thing is great. Plop down boy #2 and away we go, 2 free arms! Yes, it doesn't take much to make me happy..... This thing is lightweight, not too big, and hopefully travel worthy.
And for those of you wondering where his brace is, well he gets about an hour to hour and a half break each day and we used this break for playing with the bumbo and taking pics. Added perk, this chair works great with the brace, another reason I give kudos to the inventors, it makes my life just that much easier. :)
Noah and the PB&J - ok, this will be an anniversary Kevin and I never forget. I was not going to post today being the anniversary and all, however after lunch I could not forgo posting. I hope all the fam enjoys this reading! Today, Noah asked for the usual at lunch, PB&J. So, I obliged and he got one. Kevin was home today for lunch and he ate the leftover pizza (there is a point - hang in there). Kevin eats ranch dressing on pizza - whole other story. Well, when Noah saw the ranch he wanted some. WHAT?! Ranch for a 2yr old? Ranch on a PB&J?! Ok, so the tyrant, aka Noah, boy numero uno, etc. decides to bless Kevin and I with a screaming, crying, snotty nose performance over being told NO to the ranch. Being the super mom that I am, I cave and he gets some. This next part may gross you out if you have a sensitive stomach. Boy numero uno decides to dip his PB&J in the ranch and eat away happily. Dip and bite, dip and bite. At first, I thought GROSS!, but then watching his enjoyment totally of this concoction, Kevin and I start laughing. Laughing that you can't stop laughing. Noah, on the other hand, just sits there happily eating a PB&J with ranch on the side!
So, that's my two things. A floppy baby on a hunting target and a new sandwich inventor!
Oh and just to note, today is our 4 yr anniversary. I want to add that I have been blessed by God with the most perfect man for me. If you ever think that God really does not know what you need and want, just rethink what is around you. I would not be the person I am today without what I have learned from my husband.


Jillina said...

Ohh Happy Anniversary you guys!! Yall are a great couple!

Love the Noah story! This is part of the reason you needed to blog. I'll have to make sure Uncle Mark has his Ranch dressing on hand for your next visit.

So glad the Bumbo works for yall! Everyone who has the raves about them, I'll have to get one next time around. Oh love his little outfit :)

Katie said...

Happy happy anniversary...and may there be many many more!

You can probably count on the boys always making these such occasions extremely memorable!

Cryssy said...

This is EXACTLY what blogging is about....keeps you from having to repeat the same stories over and over and over and over and over and over and over..... Don't forget though to start saving your blogs so you have a hard copy for future reference......