Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I got a wonderful surprise for my anniversary. Kevin made arrangements for us to visit the Biltmore in Asheville, NC. We left early Monday morning and it was starting out to be a perfect trip, until about exit 15 in South Carolina. All of a sudden the car jerked and then started dying. Oh great! Just let us make it off the interstate! So, we coast slowly into a gas station, all with the help of the good Lord. Kevin gets out, raises the hood and takes a look. Well, Kevin can tell the transmission is shot. Just about that time, a huge gust of wind comes up, takes the hood off of its prop and slams it into our windshield. Well, the windshield is cracked. Let me tell ya, Murphy had our number this day. To top it off, the wrecker coming told us that there is not room in the cab of his truck to carry all of us. Well, I was not staying behind with my two babies at a gas station for who knows how long! So, the wrecker man says, "Well, it's illegal but you can ride in the van while I haul it." What was I supposed to do? So, we get loaded onto a wrecker and take a 30 min trip to a mechanic shop. My stomach was in knots the entire ride. To add to my worry, concern, fear, etc., all the way there I am sinking down into my seat because there were cops EVERYWHERE! The whole time I am sunk down and I am praying feverently.

Well, this does end on a good note. We did not let this little hiccup stop us. Oh no, we get a rental car and hit the road again. We had a great time at the Biltmore. Pictures and words do not do this place justice. I let my imagination wonder, as I walked all the halls, and looked into room after room. If you have not been there, please go! It is a very neat and extraordinary thing to see. But take your walking shoes, cause after pusing a double stroller up hill after hill and flight after flight of stairs, Kevin and I thought we were not going to make it back to the car!
Oh, and we do not know anything about the car yet. Like when we are going to get it back! That would be nice to know since we are going to have to drive 184 miles (one way) back to the shop to pick it up!! We are planning on leaving for Disney on Friday and it should be another adventure in this rental car! Wish us luck!


Jillina said...

Mark told me about this last night but while reading your version I seriously was laughing out loud. Yes it's awful and I'm sorry but the thought of the look on yall face when the windshield cracked or seeing you "hiding" while riding illegally is LOL funny. :) Hope the Van makes it though ok.

Fun fact - my great grandfather was the chaufer at the Biltmore and my grandad (dad's side) was born there, Ms. Vanderbilt named him.

Cryssy said...

Oh my goodness. That is the most aweful thing I've heard in a long time. We can cry our pity tears together puppies. $2300 down the drain. I'm glad you had a good time anyway. Let me know if ya'll need a ride anywhere or need help with anything. Our car is big enough for everyone.

Katie said...

Oh my goodness. I don't even know what to say!!! But hey - it's a huge testament to the both of you that you can certainly roll with the punches. AND, it will be a great story for generations to come!