Wednesday, July 11, 2007

On the digits

4th of July - fun with the fam - not posting pics cause I am on dial-up at my mom's and I left my card reader in SC. Thanks for the fun Mama J and Aunt Katie.

Noah went to Chuck E. Cheese last night - total chaos! He loved it! Thanks Uncle David!

I am in Huntsville right now, and as I drive around I realize how much I like this city. So much convenience.

I am beginning to hate living out of my car. Only 3 months to go....................urgh!

More life on the road to come. I am off to see my dad this sunday, he too has dial-up. So, maybe more posts will come later.

My hubby-bub is doing fine. He is flying a lot and still winning at bingo. I think he is up to $300 in winnings. Still has lots of pride in his moustache and said the pic would be coming soon. I miss him so much, I think I would take the moustache on him if I could just have him home. Noah is really missing his dad too. Noah told him yesterday on the phone, "Daddy, I just lose you all the time". It was really cute and bittersweet.


Jillina said...

Yay for Kevin on his winnings! I can not wait to see a pic of him :)

Aww sweet Noah, can't wait to see him!

Cryssy said...

I miss ya'll!!!

Katie said...

Living out of a suitcase is never fun...but I was amazed at how well you are handling everything!

Who knew we had a Bingo expert in the family?!?!?!