Monday, July 30, 2007

The Weather

Today has been crazy. One minute it is sunshiny and nice, and the next it is thundering, lightening, and stormy. Much like my mood today. Moments of sunshine, then the thunderstorm where I attack something and clean it like a mad woman. The later the day got the fewer the storms, much like my mood. Weird. I wonder if there was a connection. I know, I'm reaching a little far. Oh well. I needed the storm to get the anger out. I guess that's just less stuff for my friend to clean.

I am off to continue reading Harry Potter. I am sad the series is over. I think I am gonna re-read the series when I am done with this one.
Off to bed...........................


Ann said...

Jacob says he's going to re-read them all too- for like the SIXTH time!! He does this every time he finishes a HP book- he just wants MORE!

Katie said...

Wish anger inspired cleaning in me! I never got into HP, but all these rave reviews from the rest of the world make me feel like I'm missing out on something fantastic!