Saturday, July 28, 2007


I love being back as a fully functional family unit. It is so nice waking up to the hubby and being able to say, "Go ask your Daddy". :) We have had so much fun even though we are busy catching up on errands and trying to prepare for the move.
We are living with our friends after we sold the house and it is fun. I forgot what it is like to have roommates, and this is to another degree, we have "family-mates". They are a fun family to hang out with and our kids get along really good. We looked into living at the base, but they could only give us 10 days in a TLF. So, we said "no thanks".
We are counting down the days until we get on the road to Alaska. We are so pumped about moving there. Currently the temp has been in the upper 60's lower 70's. Ahhhhhhh, how nice.
Caleb is growing like a weed, he is trying to crawl. He is up on all 4's revving back and forth. It is cute. We are going back to the ortho doc on Aug 10 to hopefully gain 12hrs/day of freedom from the brace. Wish us luck.
Noah is having his cyst removed on Thursday. It will be an outpatient procedure. Good Lord willing, he will come through like a champ. The surgeon is awesome. He had Noah laughing and giggling by the end of the appt. Big accomplishment, if you know anything about Noah.
We took the boys to the water park today. Caleb loved it. Noah took on the slides like a champ, and the water temp was great. We got rained out, but b/c of the rain we got another whole day's admittance FREE! That was lovely.
No major drama to report, other than the normal day to day. Life is good for now. Last time I said that the roof caved in! So to speak. Will report in after the surgery day!

My quote for the day - Hatred stirs up dissension but love covers all wrongs. Proverbs 10:12


Katie said...

Sounds like you guys totally lucked out! Keep having fun!

Jillina said...

So glad you guys are enjoying some good family time