Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Montgomery or bust......, uh...bust

Well, so long South Carolina. It was so sad. We had a wonderful going away party on Sat. It was such a blessing to see how many wonderful people came out to see us off and wish us well. Of course there were emotional speeches, lots of hugs, and we were given an awesome going away present. It is this huge framed piece of art that has an American flag flying faded out in the back ground with a C-17 flying in the front. A very close friend, Tony, designed it and put it together. This guy is so talented. Anyway, Sat late night Kevin and I find out that our car has 350 pounds of weight that is over the manufacturer's specifications on hauling. So, we had to unload and leave some things behind to ship later. Our wonderful friends let us keep it at their house for them to ship to us later. Thanks Tracy! So we repack the van, minus about 200 pounds and get about 4-5 hours of sleep before we got up to go to church one last time in SC. I was kinda sad cause there was not a sermon this Sunday, just the installation of new deacons. I was really wanting to hear our preacher one last time. The whole service I was an emotional wreck. When service ended, it was horrible. I could barely talk. I was getting and giving the last hugs to my friends. I cried most of the way to AL. Whoever designed contact lenses should have really thought about people who cry that wear them. After all that crying my lenses were so fogged up I could not see until we got to AL and I could take them out of my eyes. My morning coffee still is not the same. For the last seven weeks I had company over my morning coffee and the only company I have right now are the boys. Kevin is in class for about 12 hours a day and after that we eat dinner, take care of the boys, and he is off studying. Our rooms are small, but I guess they could be worse. Luckily there is a playground right outside our room door, so we are out there a lot. The boys and I have small colds probably due to the lack of rest and allergies or something. Good we got it now and not on the road to AK. The first night in AL, we head out to find some dinner and decide that Subway sounds good. The first one we ran across is closed, so onward to another. Kevin got this cool new GPS and it finds them for us. We pull up to the next closest one and I am on my cell phone talking and am slowly noticing w are not in a good neck of the woods. The first thing I notice is as we are pulling up this guy is going to his car empty handed and leering at us as we pull in. Next thing he does is go in Subway and get a fork and napkin pack. That seemed weird to me since he came out of Subway without food. So, I am quickly ending my phone conversation and Kevin and I make the decision to split up. One goes to the car - our whole livelihood is in there after all - and the other goes in to order. Kevin takes on the mission of going back to the car. As soon as he gets in the car the suspicious man jumps in his car and drives away. Me and Noah take on the mission of ordering food. BIG fiasco. This place had nothing, no roast beef for the subway club, their drink machines did not work, and I must have asked for wheat bread in Arabic. To top it off Noah's cold is setting in and he sneezes all over the cookies. I was just shaking my head, but the cookies looked a least a decade old. Seriously, it took 45 min to get a sandwich. Not to mention that the mayo she put on Noah's sandwich looked like a cool whip dollop, and my stomach sank as I asked her to scrape it off. The next morning Kevin is given a briefing on what parts of the city we should avoid, and yes you guessed it. We were right in that area. This morning about 6am, our electricity goes out, in only our room. The rest of the bldg was fine. So, the circuit is tripped, the maintenance guy comes resets the circuit. Repeat 3 times. Finally they decide that the humidifier in our room is bad and they bring another. I have yet to plug it in. After all, electricity was not restored until almost 10am. Who knows how long the next time. So, I am hoping that all the weekend family visits help the time to go by REALLY fast. There is a spouse social tonight, hopefully I can learn the ins and outs to help the time go by.
Other news, Caleb is on all fours crawling around like a mad man. As soon as we put him down here in AL, he stopped scooching and started textbook crawling. He has become a great fan of the cheerio too.
Noah is doing well. His leg still looks rough, but the surgeon has assured me it will be ok. A couple of stitches came out in the bath. This is a good thing since it seems that the stitches are the thing that is irritating him. A flight nurse is in Kevin's class here, and we ran into her at lunch yesterday and she seemed to think that it is ok too, despite the way it looks. Other than the leg, he is amazing Kevin and I everyday by how smart he is.
One of our friends we met in Mississippi is here attending SOS with Kevin. He came over and joined us for dinner. It was nice to see him again. I wished his wife would have joined him, but he told us that she is prego with their 2nd. We are very excited for them. I love that the AF is a small community and sooner or later we cross paths with our friends.
Well, I think that about catches you up on the latest. Hopefully I can take a few pics now that we are a little bit settled. Will post as soon as possible.

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Katie said...

I can't imagine how hard it was to leave your SC world behind...but it sounds like you got some quality time with everyone. Hope all goes well in all the situations you find yourselves in over the next couple of months! It will be hectic, but definitely an adventure.