Thursday, September 13, 2007

Suprisingly so much to do!

Well folks, I have lived in this state for the great majority of my life and never knew about all the interesting things that Montgomery had to offer. Yes, I took the field trip to the capital bldg when I was in elementary school, but other than that, Montgomery seemed to be a bore. Well with 5 weeks of living here upon me, I decided to join in on all the social touristy activities. We had a spouse social on Tues and it was one of the BEST socials I have been to in a long time. The Major who organizes this group really impressed me. He has an entire calendar of things we can do together or on our own. Since most of us living close to each other have kids, we usually end up doing things together.

Yesterday we went to the zoo.

It was lots of fun, and of course there was a train. So you know we boarded and said "toot toot" a thousand times. However, I was very disappointed that the train ride cost a whopping $2!This is costly since it was only $5 for admittance. So, only one time around the park. Out of all the animals, Noah liked the turtles and ducks best. The giraffes are always my fav, hence the pic.

Today we went to the visitor's center downtown. We paid $1 and road a trolley around town. We saw all kinds of cool places. We got off at the Rosa Parks Museum and Library.
We toured the museum which had a re-enactment of the events that happened that night Rosa Parks was arrested on the bus. It was very interesting and I thought it was really cool. The Museum is at the place where the bus boycott began. I also stood at the intersection where Rosa was arrested, just a couple of blocks down from the bus stop where she boarded. The original theater that was at the intersection is gone and the Library now stands. It was neat to see the place where a huge civil rights movement began.

Time ran out and I did not get to photograph some other places like Martin Luther King's house and the church where he was a minister, the Civil Rights memorial that was designed by the same lady who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, The First White House of the Confederacy and the Capital Building, and The Hank Williams Museum and statue. Hank Williams is buried in a cemetery here, I will have to scout that out. I am not sure if it is downtown.
Anyway, tomorrow's agenda has a trip to the House of Java. This is a coffee house that has an indoor play area surrounded by clear walls and is soundproof. So, we can sip on some java and watch the kiddos play. Maybe another trip downtown to hit one of the places mentioned above, or some shopping (window, of course since I can not fit anything else in the van!) at the local boutiques in Prattville.
The Major I mentioned above also scheduled us some exercise too. YEAH! We are going to have Flickerball practice a couple of times a week. This is a game all of our spouses are required to play, so we are gong to join in and play against them at the end of the 5 weeks. Everything is kid friendly, which is wonderful and I have met a few interesting and cool people. Also, I have to mention that usually the male spouses never join in. I did not ever see the male spouses at Charleston that were in our squadron. However, here the male spouses are participating with us and it is nice since we are walking around downtown and some areas are a little creepy. So I must give them props.

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Jillina said...

Ohh very fun! Glad your getting out and seeing all of each place you guys are in.