Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What would camping be without a Smownie?

Labor day weekend called for a trip to the foothills for a little camping. So we load up and hit our fav state park, Chau Ram (pronounced CHaw-Ram). We went up Thursday morning and immediately when you enter the park there is a release of stress and the high temps of the coast melt away. Something about being in the mountains really can do a soul good.
First day there, the boys hit the water. The Chauga River runs right through the park and twists and turns and leaves these great swimming areas. The boys have their special part they call "The Little River". It is an area about 2-3 feet deep, has a small waterfall, and is perfect for them to swim.
Noah and his friend Cole

Kevin and BJ (Cole's Dad) went fly fishing and caught a few trout. They brought them back and roasted them over the fire. You will have to ask them how they were. I like my fish cooked well done. I was too big of a chicken to try it.
Me, Tracy (Cole's mom), and Krista hung out with the boys while the guys were fishing and had a little fun of our own. There is this one spot called the v-falls. The falls have worn this HUGE rock, causing a V in the rock where the waters falls over. Reference the top pic. Krista brought along this Orange and Ginger shampoo that smells great. So we take turn holding the boys and jump under the falls and wash our hair. This was better than a spa! The sound of the falls, the force of the water was like a mini-massage, it felt great. My hair has a ton of body when it dried. So all weekend we washed our hair in the falls. Brandi also joined in on the fun once she and her hubby arrived late Friday night.
Speaking of Brandi. When she and I get together there is always an abundance of chocolate. We love to eat chocolate and like having it together even more. So, she brings up a treat of chocolate frosted chocolate chunk brownies. Love her! So, Sat night we are doing our ritual of s'more roasting and I get his idea. What about this combo, graham cracker, chocolate frosted brownie, roasted marshmallow, then top it with another graham cracker. Oh my friends, it was GREAT! And so the smownie was invented. The smownie is a s'more with a brownie! We have a pic of this little invention however, Brandi has the only copy. Hopefully soon I will receive a copy.
Anyway, Sunday we go around the local area checking out other water falls. There were some really cool places like Toccoa Falls. It is on this college campus and was just gorgeous. We also visited Isaqueena Falls - named after an Indian maiden who lept over the falls. And this place called The Stumphouse Tunnel. A huge tunnel that was going to be used to transport munitions to the Confederate Army during the Civil War. It was never finished. People believe that if the tunnel was finished the war would have went the way of the Confederacy.
Lastly we hike on the Appalachian Trail to a lagoon and even further to the river where BJ and Kev fish and Me, Tracy, Krista and the boys play in the water. It was a beautiful hike. The trees were twisted like vines and some were bowed to form the tree canopy above us. Everything was so green and the air was very refreshing. It made me really look forward to hiking in Alaska. I did not get many pics on the hike because the hike is on a narrow path that is up and down rough terrain. So, Kev and I had to carry the boys most of the way. Then we ran into this group of folks who did not have a clue how to hike through the woods, or even navigate them, so they ended up following us around. Total hiking no-no. Anyway, they invade our spot and needless to say, but if I had taken pics this brood would have been in all of them. Our group was like, um this is a big forest, no need to hike on top of us!
Despite the hiking stalkers, I capture the best pic of the trip. It is of Kev and Noah. It will definitely be one I am blowing up and framing.
Noah and Cole riding the rapids!

All of us at Toccoa Falls

Kevin and Noah fishing - definitely frame worthy!


Katie said...

Great pictures! Yes, the one of Kev and Noah is definitely a keeper. Smownies sound scrumptious...I haven't had those tasty treats in so long. What a fun trip to take! Nature = serenity!

Cryssy said...

Wish we could have gone! What fun. I haven't been camping in years...I miss it. And Tony LOVES to hike! Glad you had fun before ya'll are stuck in the car forever.

Jillina said...

Glad you guys had a good labor day weekend. The smownie sounds amazing!! I don't think it's enough to get me to go camping but it might get me to a campfire:)