Monday, September 17, 2007

One Week Down, Four to go

Four weeks to go and we are on our way to AK. The time is really going by slow for Kevin cause he has sooo much going on. I just keep telling him and me, we can do anything for four weeks. Lets just put our heads down and push on through.
Friday was fun. The coffee house I mentioned in my last post was very cool. I walked in and they had board after board of coffee choices. I had a toasted almond mocha. Ten times better than starbucks, and cheaper too. Noah had a mango smoothie. I had a sip and it was very good. The indoor playground was perfect for Noah. There was not much for Caleb, but I did not see Noah except when he came out for a sip of his smoothie. An added bonus at this coffee house was that it was in AL. I love being in AL cause every store, cafe, restaurant, etc. you walk into has something about Alabama football. I am still contemplating going back just to get a shirt they had there! **Added Note - Alabama won against Arkansas this weekend! YES!** We finished up at the coffee house rather early so my friend, Jade (a very nice gal I have met here) and I go looking around for something to do. We go just across the street and find one of those paint your pottery places. My SIL Jillina made these very cute magnets at one of these places and I have been wanting to copy the idea for my fridge. I have looked at several pottery places for something small enough to make magnets out of and this place finally came through. They had tub after tub of small pieces of different shapes to make anything you wanted. So I picked 3 circles, and Noah picked a choo choo. Noah picked his colors and painted his choo choo. It was very cute. Since I can't really go shopping here in AL, I figure this was close enough and Noah got to join in. Caleb was an angel and played with the paint brushes while Noah, Jade and I painted. I am really glad I met Jade. She is such a patient person to hang out with me and the boys. Noah has really grown fond of her too. He always wants her to come along no matter what we do. Today we all went grocery shopping together. Tomorrow we have plans to play flickerball. Hopefully enough people will show up to play. Then we are off to wander around downtown Montgomery or maybe to Prattville.
The highlight of this past weekend was a trip to Ms. Mary Bobo's. I love this place. It is perfect for southern soul food, which is right up my alley. However, I was disappointed in one thing. Well, I guess not a disappointment but just a recipe I did not like. They use Jack Daniels in their cool whip. This just did not taste good to me. I don't even think I could acquire a taste for it. That is my only complaint about the place. We ate in the brick cellar which was very cool. Sadly though, the group that was to join us at the dinner table did not show up, so we had the whole table to ourselves. But that also meant more food for us! Noah liked the place except that they put parsley on his meat, and he really is not into green stuff on his food.

Update on the boys:

Caleb - has 2 teeth and working on the upper four. He is crawling, clapping, pulling to standing, rolling, becoming demanding and opinionated. Has a great sense of humor but going through the "only momma will do" stage.

Noah - leg wound looks soooo good. He is ready to get to Alaska. Has told me 4 times today that he wants his toys back and his own room. His latest funny story, we are driving to the store to pick up snacks for the drive on Friday. He says, "Mom, I have to look for monsters." I say, "OK, keep your eyes out" Noah replies, "No, I think I will keep them in!" I think I could laugh about this one for years to come. Smart boy! What wit!


Cryssy said...

Four weeks is no time, at least I keep sayimg thimgs like that to myself. I'm not very convincing though. I'm so glad that Noah isn't terribly upset about all the changes and that his leg is better!! Give all your boys a hug for me and have Kevin give you one from me.

Katie said...

Glad Noah's leg is doing well.

I'm hoping the highlight of last weekend was everyone getting to see their wonderful Grandma! But it is awesome she (and Bill!) treated you guys to Mary Bobos - best place ever!

Jillina said...

Mary BoBo's ugh I'm so jealous!! Hey Mark's cousin Ashley lives in Montgomery. Her husband is the youth minister at Vaughn Park CoC. If you need someone to pal around with she's loads of fun!

Krista said...

Love the "No I think I'll keep them in" comment by Noah! Too funny - what a hoot!