Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Joys of Motherhood in Alabama

Well, I'll begin this story with the recent past weekend happenings. This past weekend we head up to Huntsville and hang out with my mom and grandpa. I love Huntsville. It is growing so quickly and the city is starting to get all this cool stuff. We had dinner with my BFF Allison and totally forgot to try and have dinner somewhere we have not been in a while, so instead we hit the ol' standby, mexican at Casa Blanca. We had our family pics made too. The session was ok, but the gal shooting would not take my advice on posing and the pics looked weird, so I just took over and started doing things myself, then the gal shooting said we had taken enough pics. Great. This is why I do not like going to studio shoots and as soon as I can get to AK I am going to work my buns off to set up my own studio. So, Noah has his tongue out in 99.89% of the pics. We finally find one that is decent enough, so we spend $10, yes $10 and get it printed. I refused to buy a bunch of worthless photos, but this is our only studio family shot. Oh yes, I will somehow someway earn some money for my studio and do our studio shots myself!

Onward to Monday. Periodically I check Noah's leg to be sure the stitches are dissolving and it is looking ok. Well, Monday when I did my usual check the wound was wet. WHAT! So after much coaxing and mild restraint Noah lets me take a closer look. I press on it a little and infection starts oozing out. So, I manually express his leg to get it out and start calling the surgeon. I find a place here that specifically deals with post-op wounds and is hospital affiliated, so I call and they work us in. The surgeon looks at Noah's leg and says that it actually looks good. Just to keep manually expressing the infection (Yeah me!) and keep an eye for swelling and redness. He also gives us a prescription for some supped neosporin to keep on it until it heals. Good thing, it that he said he is sure that the infection is not deep down in the wound and it should be healed by the time we leave AL. The staff was nice and the surgeon was better than I hoped. Thank goodness we saw someone who at least seemed like he was on top of his game.

So onto my waiting room story. We are sitting in the waiting room. Caleb is wanting out of the stroller I am trying to keep him confined in, Noah is getting up and down from his seat, and I am trying to listen a little to the speech given my Ahmadinejead (sp?) on Fox. We are over in a corner, this is better to corral the kids and this guy comes over and sits rather close. I figure it is so he can hear the tv. after a little time he asks some questions. I felt a little weird about answering some of them, but obliged him anyway, thinking, I will never see this man again. So, question #1, "is that a boy or girl?", while pointing at Caleb. I tell him that yes this is a boy. Long pause #1 - maybe 10 min. question #2 "how old is he?", I answer and then he asks how old is Noah. I am beginning to get a little uncomfortable cause he has been looking at the kids and now he is asking all about them - granted he could just be asking cause every little old lady at Wal-Mart asks me all the same questions and I am not weirded out. Long pause #2 - question #3 "how old are you?" um ok, I tell him. He is in shock. Whatever then he wants me to guess how old he is. Uh ok, 10? Long pause #4 - could the nurse just come on and call us back?!! question #4 "which one of ya are seeing the doc?" So I tell him Noah had a cyst removed from his leg. Now comes the action. He proceeds to tell me about his friend he brought in - his friend has been by the door in a wheel chair - all about this man's heart attacks and that now his feet are decaying. Then he tells me that he is able to take him to all of his appts cause he is disabled and says "See" - this guy pulls up his shirt almost off of his head to show me a scar that runs navel to neck. I just smile and say I bet you are so glad to be alive. COME ON NURSE!!! All I can see in my eye is his big ol scar and I am freaked out while, I hear all about the accident and am repeating in my head over and over - you never know when you entertain angels, you never know when you entertain angels -
and I don't know if any of you watch King of the Hill, but he talked liked that one guy on there. He mumbled really bad and it was hard to understand. After showing me his torso he sits back down about 3 seats closer. **you never know when you are entertaining angels** And then his friend calls for him to move the wheel chair. Nurse walks out says "Jackson". Lets go kids, move move move! I did not see the man again when I left, but I was thinking. Why am I surprised? I am in a poor part of Alabama. Alabama! I love my home state. But jeez, why today? I call Kevin and tell him all about it, he says, "Babe stop flirting" I am still freaked out, so I just hung up on him. Whatever. The joy of being a mom in poor Alabama.


Jillina said...

Glad Noah's leg isn't getting bad again but hate that you have to drain it.

Katie said...

I'm chuckling thinking of what you would do if a client did that to you in your studio! Noah's leg stuff just won't go away! Hopefully it will be all behind you soon. I've learned that there are just really weird people on this earth.

The Jacksons said...

The photo session was not at a private studio, but one of those quick places. It was portrait innovations, where the person taking your pic is not a certified "photographer". So I felt ok taking over.
At a private studio, I would not do that cause I would be paying the $$$ for the photographer to do the work!