Monday, April 28, 2008

Cheat Day

I am so obsessed with exercising and eating right that it is seriously sick. My dream Friday night was that I drank a YooHoo and it was 277 calories and I was seriously mad, almost to the point of tears! Thank goodness it was a dream. I am becoming a sick-0, AND I don't even like YooHoo.

So Sat. was my cheat day since I made plans to have a fondue night with the girls. The day began with the 1.5 hours it took me to shovel the driveway. 21inches of snow is a LOT harder to shovel than I thought. Now instead of thinking the people, who are shoveling while it is still snowing, are weird, I realize how DUMB I was in thinking oh it will stop soon, cause those ppl only had 3 inches to my 21 to shovel. So I am curious to see how many calories I burned shoveling that mess for that long. Well it made Saturday not even a cheat day. Snow shoveling for 1.5hrs burns 756 cal. 756!!!! Woo Hoo, glad I indulged in all that chocolate!

I must give a huge shout-out to my good friend Melisa (Me-Lisa, not muh-lissa) who watched the kids so I could take a 2 hour hiatus and have lunch with another good friend, Margaret. It was so awesome to think and talk like an adult for 2 SOLID hours w/o going, "No NO, stop, it's mommy's turn to talk, that's great!, eat your food, a napkin in your nose is sooo not cool, etc". So, THANK YOU!!!! Margaret and I ate at my fav place, Glacier Brewhouse. I had a VERY yummy Miso Salmon Sandwich. I must reiterate that the salmon at this place is to DIE for! I order 2 things off of the menu, (i know, I know, I am totally a creature of habit who is not into change at my fav rest. when the food is THIS good!) the miso salmon sandwich or the alder wood smoked salmon. I don't even want a menu. Others have tempted me with the halibut appetizer or the miso halibut sammie, but no. The salmon is JUST THAT GOOD!

Found out today that Kev passed his check ride for IP school!!!! YAY!!!! He will be home in 2 days, Lord willing. Wednesday can't get here fast enough.
My BFF just had her baby shower and I was so not there. Just say it, loser friend. I CAN NOT wait for those babies to get here.
My SIL is in Europe for her 5yr anniv. I am totally dying to know what is going on. This weekend can not get here any quicker either, cause I want to hear all the details!!!!
So much stuff going on.........................

Oh and if any of you have any ideas plz let me know. Here is my dilemma:
I need more protein. Like 10-12g more per day
I don't need ANY xtra carbs or fat
no more meat plz
and it has to be low in cals (20-60 cals)
So far these will not work: meat, beans, or dairy.

I have been working on my meal plans and this is the kicker for me. I am always low in the protein category. I have managed to stay within 1-8g of my total but some days I am WAY off. I am lifting 3days a week and I need to keep up the protein so my muscles don't die on me. Any ideas?


Ann said...

GO GIRL! Larry was reading over my shoulder, and we are impressed!!

Keep eating salmon. Fish is about the only thing I can think of. I have the same problems with protein. Nuts tend to upset my stomach, as does milk. I also tend to eat oatmeal (weight control kind is good) and mini wheats and other cereals that are pretty high in protein AND FIBER, another thing I need with my IBS-C.

I've been SPINNING (yikes!) and running about 3 miles a day. I HATE weight training. HATE. Not sure what to do about that. I love the cardio, love "movin the bod". It makes my gut happy.

The Griffith Family said...

I just give the two of you credit for getting off your butt and thinking about what is going in the mouth... I wish I could get that will power to care. I actually do watch what I eat when I'm home alone all day- since Jamie isn't home I don't cook often so I'm mostly eating salads. I suggest eating chicken and fish... I'm sure the salmon is great up there... It sure is here too.
Keep up the good work and keep us posted...OH I remember shovelling snow in CT- it is a serious workout.

Katie said...

I love I'm incredibly jealous! I'm proud of you for being so dedicated. My suggestion is edamame (not exactly like normal beans). It may sound weird, but I eat the stuff like crack. Just boil them in water for like five minutes, add some sea salt, and enjoy! It is sooo good for you.

Jillina said...

Honey we are home and can I just say really dealing with jet lag? Been up since 5 am, now when have I ever gotten up this early? Many stories to tell & William has MDO today so call when you get up and we can chat. Love you.