Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Noah's Big Day

Tomorrow is Noah's big day. He is having the cyst removed off of his leg. I really don't know how mothers can raise children without God. He will be the one I am leaning on tomorrow. I know this is something so simple, but it tears my heart apart all the same. Seeing my child go through something that is out of my control, I can't take away the pain, or put a band-aid on it and make it feel better. Things could be a lot worse, but it won't stop my worrying. Even reading Matthew doesn't take away my worry. Anyway, please pray my baby does ok tomorrow. Please pray he is brave and is such a big boy.

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Katie said...

I will be praying for him today. I just know he will be ok - he's such a tough little guy!!!

How awesome he has both parents there :)