Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Caleb's Ortho Appt Follow Up

C had his check up in Seattle yesterday with the ortho doc. We are still the same, just plodding along. No concerns with his feet. His walking looks great and he is just as normal as all other kids. Still too soon to move us out and have 6 months in between appts. So, we are going back in another 4 months.

God has been so great in this whole process. He made Caleb so perfect and C is such a blessing. He is such a trooper and does so well with all the traveling and docs poking on his feet. I give praise to God for giving Kevin and I such great kids!


Jillina said...

Another answered prayer for sure. Glad everything went well, you know we are praying.

Brandi said...

Yet again another sign of God's great love and willingness to care for His children. I'm so happy to hear the good news. Great job sweet little Caleb!