Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Skinny Tuesday

So I think I will "theme" my tuesdays. Others have "Monday Meal", "Hair Thrusday", so I will start Skinny Tuesday.

This will be my ravings on about my progress through this "losing baby weight" adventure I have started along with any good nutrition and exercise tips and stuff I find out.

To start, the scale did not move one little ounce on Friday. Friday is weigh in day and the scale looked and me and said "No, I will not budge one little smidge". So, the love for the scale I talked about here, is soooo over. I knew this would be temporary for I have never ever loved the scale. This week I have already missed one "gym day" because of traveling. I am feeling behind this early in the week. Which de-motivates me somewhat. I also ate like, uhm, really really bad on this trip. I try really hard to eat better while I am traveling, but airport food is NOT catered to those trying to watch the waistline AND trying not to break the bank. Finding a place to eat that actually has decent food is usually expensive AND the place that has decent food usually does not cater well to kids. Eating dinner in an airport is enough in itself not to mention taking in a screaming one year old to looks of "I hope that kid is not on my flight". Anyway, more on that later. So, try to find something cheap, healthy, and that I can take away. Ok, that means, fast food, fried, high calorie, make my stomach hurt, in a bag. I did manage to find a place that had salads with the dressing not on them already. However, I choke on the price and pay $6 for a piece of lettuce in a big plastic bowl. I usually try to find salads because they are filling and CAN BE low on cals. However, I am very weary of salads. You may think you are eating well cause it is called salad, BUT some can pack as many as 600 cals!! BOO!! I refuse to buy salads from fast food vendors cause usually the salads contain ridiculous amounts of sugar. Why would I want sugar on my salad? I also don't get the entree size of salads. It is usually too much, as we all know "entree size" in our culture is enough for a small country to eat for a week. A small salad, about 2 cups of greens, is perfect, with a drink.

Skinny Tuesday Tip: When eating a salad you will kill your progress if you drown it in dressing. Look at the serving size on the bottle, usually 2 tblsp. Sometimes those 2 tblsp can pack over 100 cals!! Tune your taste buds to enjoy the flavoring of balsamic vinegar (not vinegarette - which packs A LOT more cals) which is more like 28cals for 2 tblsp.

My weight loss and healthy eating motto: If you forgot to brush your teeth one day would you stop brushing forever?? NO! You brush again the next day. So don't give up today, get over it, and start again tomorrow!!!

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