Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Skinny Tuesday

Oh yeah, K is on a trip so I have time to watch the laundry and dishes pile up and surf the net for hours on end. (So I wrote this yesterday and now I am in trouble cause K is coming home early(like tonight) with DIRTY clothes!! AAACCCKKK!! Soon you will not see C walking down the hall b/c of the large mass that is the laundry pile! AAAHHHH!)

So I have been thinking about my working out and eating better and such. I really have to tell ya, this SparkPeople thing is working.

After my long 7 days in Oklahoma stuffing my face with white bread, BBQ, bday cake, ice cream sundae's from Braums, Belgian waffles, Sonic, quiche, junk, junk, and more junk, you get the point....I come home to my nemesis, the bathroom scale. Fridays are my weigh in day. The scale does not move except on Fridays. We return home, I wait 3 days to see the damage done. Friday morning I jump on the scale and that is when the tide turned, for now. Without working out, without eating right, I still dropped 1.5lbs. WHAT? Yes, the scale is now my friend - this may only be temporary, but live in the moment, right? I guess I am finally training my muscles, instead of the opposite, and making my metabolism work for me (first time in my life this has worked for me). OR we could say it was water weight, who cares!!

I am eating right for the first time in my life. More fiber, less fat, more protein, less cholesterol and sodium, and better control on carbs. I can now go to the grocery without my binder of helpful hints to get the "right" things. I am now understanding the purpose of calories and calories from fat and why I pass on white rice. There is an adjustment phase, but let me tell ya I am loving me some turkey pizza and fish tacos!!!

I got a great compliment. I am on the treadmill, a friend is in the gym as well. She comes over to say HI. I am ending mile 2, beginning mile 3 and I carry on a conversation while running a 9min mile pace, and keep this chat up for about 3 to 4 minutes. Talk about a booster for myself when I realized what I was doing. Anyway, she complimented me on my muscle tone. Now, for me, this is huge. I am in the midst of exercise (which I am a perfectionist with form) and I get a compliment on muscle tone! This means she can SEE my muscle structure through my fat!!! OH HaPPy DaY, OH HaPPy DaY!!! (to the tune from Sister Act).

This could not have come at a better time, cause the marathon is this Sat. Now, I am not running the full marathon, just the 5.6miler. That is my limit. I don't think I could train well enough for a half-marathon, and a full marathon does not interest me. Give me a 5K or 7K and that sounds fun. Plus that is as long as my running music lasts on the ipod. I got some new tunes for the ipod last night and I tried them out on the treadmill. I did not want to kill myself but I was wanting a 8.5 or 8min mile. I kept on track with the slower pace, I want to make it to the start line on Sat.

Anyway, my goal is to average a 8.5-9min mile on sat. I am hoping with other runners I can find someone to pace and seeing them go will motivate my feet to get with it. However, I am going to be absolutely happy with a 10min mile pace and crossing the finish line.

So, I have now set a new goal. After losing the first 11.5lbs, I have tacked on another 5lbs to lose. Then I will change gears to maintain instead of lose. After 8.5 weeks, I have lost 11.5lbs, dropped a size (I am now a 10!), am wearing clothes I have not worn since BEFORE Noah (so glad I kept them!), and am motivated to do more.

Another secret motivator I have is coming in Aug. That is my next yearly physical. I want to see how well or how bad I have done in correcting my cholesterol problem.

This is a huge mountain and I feel like I am almost at the top. I am ready for the weeks where I have a weight gain (and I have had some) instead of a loss. This is not going to stop me, would you stop brushing your teeth if you forgot to brush for one day? NO! You chew gum and get back at it tomorrow.

As a fellow blogger puts it (with my "it" substituted)

1) Get RID of the weight

2) Get CONTROL of what goes in my mouth

3) Get it DONE in the gym

4) Get OVER it, this is life and it is gonna hurt!

5) Give it to GOD - cause He is the only one who is going to carry me when I feel like I can't take one more breath, or push one more time. (especially carry me that last mile on Sat!)

That's how I feel about it these days.


Jillina said...

Mary I'm so proud of you! You inspire me to do better! Love ya.

Katie said...

Wow...you are really kicking some serious butt! I'm so proud of you too! You can do anything you set your mind to, and I think your mind is set on great things :) Keep it up!!!!

Ann said...

All I can say is...


FYI- I wish I had taken before and after pictures of myself...or at least measurements! It would have been REALLY inspirational for me to SEE IT and not just try to REMEMBER what I had looked like.

Courtney said...

Ah Mary, you made my day! :) AND, I meant to tell you on the phone the other day that you look great! We need more you pics! AND..9 mile pace?! If my life depended on it, I could not do that. I am feeling motivated ...seriously.