Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Pickpocket

The entire conversation that happened after church tonight:

Kevin: All my cash is gone
Mary: What? Did you take it out of your money clip and leave it at home
Kevin: NO it was in my pocket, I bet it fell out in the church parking lot

***Noah interjects and informs us he knows where the money is, and then tells us "uh, I don't know"***

We pull in the parking lot at church, no cash on the ground. Great, est. $60 gone. We then start home.

Kevin: I can't believe I lost that money. I am getting a new money clip.
Mary: Well maybe you don't remember leaving it at home.
Noah: Oh wait I know where the money is.
Kevin: Tell me if you know
Noah: It's in my pocket, hee hee, and I can't get it cause I am strapped in my car seat, hee hee.

We pull in the drive and yes it was in his pocket. Who knows?!!

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The Griffith Family said...

I can say that it only gets better as they get older... NOT I really mean WORSE!!!! It's a boy or should I say a MALE thing.