Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What you don't say

This is what you DO NOT say when you are standing behind a tired mother toting her 1yr onto a plane that is going to land at midnight:

"Oh great, there is a baby on this flight. Oh, and look at all those strollers and car seats (which are waiting to be gate checked). That is just great, this is going to be a really nice flight. Geez"

It took everything, EVERYTHING, in my body to keep looking forward and not turn around. Granted, she did not know that I had just sat in the airport for 5 HOURS, entertaining a 1yr old, trying to make nap time work, etc, etc.

Make yourself a mental note: Never comment on children being on the plane. At least you can put in earplugs, lean over in your seat, and go to sleep. If you so feel inclined to comment, OUT LOUD, then you asked for whatever you get, whether it be a tired parent telling you where to stuff it or a "nice" flight full of babies crying in the seat next to you! GRRRRRR!!!!


Jillina said...

Oh your better than me, I would have had to say something or at least given her "the look" :)

Courtney said...

Man, KFC did fly with you.