Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Airplane Rides and Cell Phones

Busy busy weekend. Caleb and I left Sun afternoon for Seattle. This was his first time on a plane and he did very well. The fact that I brought along a dvd player, coloring books, stickers, reading books, snacks, more snacks, and toys probably helped. My diaper bag was so heavy that I was constantly apologizing to the passengers on the plane that felt the blow of the bag while on the way to my seat. It didn't do much good cause my bag knocked them out from its weight and force while this momma made her way to her seat quickly! On the way down he stayed awake for the whole flight, but on the return home he was out before the landing gear left the runway. I had so many people tell me while exiting the plane in Anchorage, "I didn't even know there was a baby on this flight". Well now, I did my job. Just give me the super mom award! Never mind the fact that our flight left at 9pm well into CJ's bedtime so he was quite ready to go to sleep as we boarded the plane.
Anyway, on the important stuff. We saw the ortho doc Friday morning and it was a great appt. He had three docs come in to look at his foot. His main guy, Dr Mosca, then two of his partners, co workers, whatever you want to call them. Apparently, our little Caleb has the best looking recovering club foot these docs have EVER seen. Apparently, all of our prayers are working. Like they wouldn't, right?! Anyway, his range of motion, flexibility, arch, stance, and positioning are all better than perfect. There was even mention about losing the brace at 2 or 3 yrs old instead of 5! There was a mention (not a concern) about the way he is curling his big toe on his club foot while he is standing. However, this could be from the fact that he is not walking yet or standing on his own, so once these things begin, it could just go away. I have no worries, God has brought him this far, He is going to see it out. So, again they reminded me about the possible 2nd surgery that could possibly happen because of muscle development. Something we (Kevin and I) have no control over. So, let's keep praying cause God has control on this cause there is not going to be a 2nd surgery! So overall, great appointment. The orthotist (the brace guy) adjusted his brace too. His foot is not quite so turned out. Both feet are set at 45 degrees, where before they were 70 degrees on the right and 15 degrees on the left. Setting both at 45 degrees takes some of the torque off of his hips and makes it easier for him rolling around and general movement while wearing his brace. Very cool!! It makes it a little more difficult to get the brace on, which I found surprising. So be ready grandma's! When you watch him in a couple of weeks you will be schooled in the art of proper brace putting on!

So, if any of you tried to call my cell, well you probably didn't get through. We got new cell phones on Sat afternoon and we tried and tried, but with no success, we could not port our numbers. So, now we have new ones. I have not text you all cause my old phone died on the way to Seattle where I had planned on transferring numbers. I am not going to post my digits here, just know that a text, email, or call will be coming your way with the new number.
And, all I can say is that our new cell phones are so cool!! I had a ton of reluctance getting it and it actually sat in the box until the last minute cause I was contemplating taking it back. But I didn't and I am happy about that decision. It was a great help in Seattle, especially cause I do not know the are very well. So, anyway here is my new phone, Click here

Well, we have a busy week this week cause on Friday we are leaving for Hawaii. Hopefully this trip will be a go, cause me and the kids will be flying on a C-17 Kev will be piloting. How cool?!! But you know the military, we could be on the runway and they cancel the trip. We are so wanting the warmer temps and sunshine!!! So I am keeping all fingers crossed.

Have a great week guys and hopefully my next post will be ones from Hawaii!!


Jillina said...

SOO glad the dr visit went well! What a blessing. Hope you guys get to go to Hawaii, I'm sure Noah is missing the beach big time!

Ann said...

Yahoo on the dr. appt!!!

And YAHOO on HAWAII!!! I am so jealous! And of course, for Rome, too! I MISS that place!

We were in a Best Western- I think Villa Franca or something like that? It was through the school programming, so we didn't directly book it.

The Griffith Family said...

AWESOME news... i wish I could've seen ya while you were down in WA. I would've hopped on the ferry if I knew you'd had time for coffee. I'm glad for the great news. I hope you get to Hawaii for some warmer weather. I'm so ready for it too. It's bearable here finally! Take care

Courtney said...

Yeah for Caleb and Hawaii..Rome? I missed that somewhere..gotta go reread some stuff...

So excited for you - and we are still praying for that little fellas foot ..seems to be working so far! :)

hiflyin_lady said...

Hey just got caught up on all your blogs but I too didn't see any info on this big Europe trip Tracy told me about. So some details would be helpful...?