Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fur Rondy

We missed this little gem of a festival this year. Fur Rondy is packed with events like a carnival, dog mushing races, anything Alaskan including the running of the reindeer. This is like the running of the bulls, just Alaska style, all the folks dress up CRAZY!!. I really wanted to see this but it was taking place the same time I had to be at the airport. Traffic was all backed up going into downtown. I swiped these pics of the local newspaper website.

Another little nugget of news I keep forgetting to mention is our local mascot, Buzzwinkle. He is this huge bull moose, with a rack like you have never seen! He first appeared in downtown with christmas lights hanging from his rack stumbling around in the town square. Apparently, he found some fermented crab apples, got a "buzz" on and walked through some branches with lights on them, got tangled ripped them from the tree, and meandered around downtown checking out the local night life. Anyway, he is becoming a superstar. You can see his pic and read about him HERE

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Caryn H said...

I'm glad you're getting a chance to learn about their culture. The bulls have sharp horns and the streets are so narrow in Pamplona. I'd much rather run in Alaska. Sorry you missed it.