Monday, February 4, 2008

Can you believe??!!

That in January we got 27.5 inches of snow!

That January is over. Usually the holidays fly by, Jan is super slow and the quickness of time flying occurs to me in July. I think 2008 is going to be a blur. :(

We went to the water park and when we left it was -13 degrees.

The NY Giants beat the Patriots?


On another note, thanks for the responses to my last post. Very rewarding and encouraging.

Something weird. After lunch, one side of the tip of my tongue swelled up. It looks like someone shoved a pea on one side of my tongue just on the tip. I have no idea what happened. I did not bite it, or eat anything unusual. So Kevin is getting a good laugh at my funny speech. As I am typing this the swelling just disappeared. Wow! I have feeling back in my tongue!! I know, weird.

This weekend I got a compete scrapbook done. I scrapped 114 pictures. I just got a fire in my seat to get back into it. So I scrapped my Charleston album. It is just a bunch of pics of downtown and some things only found in the low country. It is a very simple scrapbook, but it is done and I love it.

The Superbowl. Can you believe that the loss by New England made that whole, no loss, season worthless. You might also think that Bellichick could wear a shirt where the sleeves were not cut off and something other than sweats. That guy truly deserves the title "Worst dressed coach of the NFL".

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