Monday, February 18, 2008

Well, well, well

I see a little blog spankin' worked on a few of you. I will use this technique again if I have to., but don't make me. Hee Hee!

Oh my gosh, there are about a zillion things on my plate right now. My first area of concern is that Caleb and I are taking a trip next Sunday down to Seattle to see his ortho doc. My intention is to carry a back pack and call it good since he and I are only going for a brief 24 hour period. However, I am finding the new travel regs are preventing me from taking my hair product! Boo! So, I am in the search for bottles that are 3oz since it doesn't matter if the bottle has less than 3oz in it, the container can not be more than 3oz AND all of my liquids, gels, and aerosols, must fit in a nice quart sized ziploc. Ok, you would think that the contact lens solution folks over at Alcon would know to make a 3oz bottle for traveling purposes, but no, theirs is 4oz. How nice. I could go on and on about this thorn in my heel, but I will quit here.

Caleb has had a fever for the past 2 days and we have got to get that fixed before our upcoming trip. It just came out of nowhere. I am trying to pin it down to either the 4 molars that are ripping his mouth apart, just another common cold, par for the course here in AK, or a combo of both. Whatever it is, it has to be gone by Sat night or I am going to have a dandy trip on the plane. Especially when the pressure on the plane enters the equation.

3 day weekend has been nice with my man. We attended a nice Valentine's banquet on Friday hosted by my Bible Study group. Very romantic, it was set back in the woods at a chalet. It was snow covered and the drive back to it was fun. Then Sat we got another date and had a late lunch with some friends at the Glacier Brewhouse. That place has the best salmon you could put in your mouth. Anyone who visits us will enjoy a trip to this place. It has quickly become one of our fav restaurants. Today we picked up Kev's friend from the airport and had a nice lunch with him and Kev's aunt and uncle who are in town from Russia. This aunt and uncle got great news in that he is going to be able to finally retire. The last 4years have been in Russia and now they can stay in the US. Which is especially nice since they had another addition (their 4th grandchild) to their family, a little boy named Kevin James. Too cute! It is also nice for us to have a friendly face to visit with and an added bonus is they lived here in anchorage for about 10-12 years so they know the area and have been giving us some tips and must-do's.
So, KJ is back to work tomorrow :(

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy preparing for our upcoming trips. So, my blogging may be scarce, BUT I will get a blog in every now and then. I have some pics of the boys I want to get on here. OF course I will be posting about Caleb's appt next week. So please keep us in your prayers for safe travels as while we are traveling all over God's great earth!

I also want to give a shout out to all of us who have a new year goal to get through the Bible this year. If you are where I am, hang in there. I am learning and remembering how hard these books can be. Some of you know too, Numbers and Leviticus are so trying with all the repetition. Stay with it!!! God is opening my eyes and heart to so much through His words. He has something in there for you too, I can guarantee. So keep opening that book everyday and soak up as much of God as you can!

More later..............

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The Griffith Family said...

COMING TO SEATTLE??????? Girl- I wish it were longer than 24hrs. I'd love to see you. Is there anything I can do to help out?
Speaking of fever... Cody has had a fever of almost 104 since last Thurs. night. I took him in today and found out that he has scarlett fever... fun fun. He looks horrible. I'll have you all in my prayers.