Thursday, February 7, 2008

How Ironic...

I registered to vote in Alaska in Dec 07. Did this while getting my driver's license. Have been waiting to get my voter card so I could vote on Super Tuesday. Well, card never came and I go about trying to find out where to vote.

Can you believe I could not vote b/c I did not have a card??? I guess their list was not up-to-date cause I wasn't on there either! Super Tuesday made me super mad cause my vote was not heard!

Here's the irony. I got my voter registration card today. BOO Alaska BOO!


Courtney said...

It's okay. YOUR vote may not have counted, but y'all (Alaska) gave the majority of your delegates to the right guy. ;)


Greg & Kim said...

Oh my goodness. That is really frustrating. I have a similar frustrating story about our primary. It's a little too embarrassing to post on the internet, but let's just say that my vote did not get counted, either!:)