Friday, February 15, 2008

Calling you out!

Ok seriously. This has been bothering me for quite some time. I am gonna call out those who do not update their blogs! Seriously!! I am a loyal reader of all blogs linked to mine, so you who do not update regularly are going to be removed. Really, like you care if I take you off my blog! Just delete the stupid thing (the blog, I mean) since you are not going to update it. Seriously! At least once a month, cmon!

There is nothing worth reading in the news except about the presidential race, and I can only take so much. I have my books I am reading, but who can get good quite time reading with 2 little boys in the house? So, you are my entertainment. I anxiously click on each blog so I can read the latest news, funny story, or see a cool pic. You non-updating people are killing me!! I hope the guilt trip is working!

So, this is a warning. Update your blogs or nasty comments may be left!!!!

-- and if you don't get it, this is part serious/part joking.


Jillina said...

Is this the same gal who wouldn't start a blog for the loongest time and then said I'll maybe update it once a month? Ha! I told you it was addictive.

The Griffith Family said...

I'm with ya... for the longest I didn't post but I said I would be more involved in the life of the blog after the first of the year. I have so many friends and family that will shoot me emails telling me how great it is to read and keep up with us. Blogging is great.... I'm here and will post when I must get away for a while so PLEASE don't ever trash me...;o)

Greg & Kim said...

That incredibly long comment I left on your salvation blog counts as a blog, just so you know:).

Ann said...

I'm trying I'm trying!

Courtney said...

geez, Mar. I was busy this week. So harsh ;)