Thursday, May 24, 2007


Can I just start by saying that selling a home is FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!!!! People are wanting things that seem to me to be absurd. For example, the mulch is too close to the vinyl siding, so they want it lower. So what have I been doing today? Raking back mulch. The flower beds look ridiculous, but this is what they want. Why is it when people want to buy a home they seem so caught up in minor details instead of the actual structural integrity of a home. The inspector noted that my house was, and I quote, "above average condition for its age." So what is the big deal if the mulch touches the vinyl. Me, thinking as a home buyer, I would not focus so much on if the trees need to be trimmed, but if the stupid house would stand up in a big wind storm, or if water is going to drip on my head if it rains.
My real estate agent has been totally on my side when it comes to dealing with these ridiculous buyers, except for today. Of the 12 items they want repaired, yes 12 ridiculous items, he wants me to do 10. FINE! I will go in my corner and pout today, cause I think I am being run over just a little bit.
I just got the estimate to do the work, and luckily it is going to be done by a friend. If it were not for him, I could possibly be out 7-8oo buckaroos, but I am paying a 1/4 of that. The previous is not my idea of selling a house and making some bank on the equity.
I wish Kevin were home. I need him to put some nails in some wood and say, "look, it's all good". I am a control freak and I do not like relying on people to do work that Kevin and I could do ourselves, together. This is when I become the angry air force wife, because this air force, that I completely support, has taken away something that is irreplaceable, and have done it at the worst possible time. And if that weren't enough, I have to pretend that everything is hunky dory on the homefront when Kevin calls, cause the last thing I want him to do is worry about me and the kids getting by. So, thank you mr. inventor of the blog, cause now all of you who are reading this get to bear my burdens, once again putting me in a precarious position of giving up control, by admitting that yes, this sucks (for lack of a better term) and no, I can't do it all on my own. I have got to get through this closing. And thank you military for blocking access to the blog site.
So, now that it is out, I am going to get my crying 4 mo. old and my stinky diaper 2yr old and go to lowe's so I can get materials, to get this house in the most pristine condition possible to satisfy the most absurd requests. And while I am there I might buy a nail gun and just shoot nails is the ground at the mole that refuses to leave the yard unless every last blade of grass is brown and dead. Maybe then will I feel better................

Maybe soon (as in 99 days) my posts will be lighter and not filled with so much whining, complaining, and doom. Till then I hope you can join and enjoy my gloom and doom party.


Jillina said...

Oh Mary you make me want to laugh and cry all at the same time. Just relax and either put David to work this weekend or pass the kidos off on the grandparents and do it then.

12 items? I think we asked for 2 and it was because 2 windows weren't working right.

Cryssy said...

That is the craziest thing!! If the buyers didn't put all those things in the contract, you don't have to do a thing. Granted, I know you don't want the buyers to ditch you but still, you aren't obligated to do anything that wasn't specified in the contract you signed. All we get for our house is the carpet cleaned and a refridgerator.

By the way, vent all you want....that is what blogs are all about!!

Ann said...

You go, girl!!

We'll listen. We understand.

AJnChattown said...

Hey- its Andrea again a.k.a Jillina's friend. Please know I am reading along, I hope you don't mind. I am with Jillina, I wanted to laugh and cry. Let it all out! Put it on the table. I have to say this, if the absurb requests are too much so be it. The Lord provided once. He will provide again. Good luck!

The Jacksons said...

I am glad I have friends that will wallow with me in my big pool of selfish whining!
Andrea - no, I don't mind you reading, it's great to know someone is finding this madness entertaining!

Katie said...

You are totally entitled to every one of your feelings. I swear your strength amazes me. Yes, definitely put the parents to work and realize you deserve a big break. You put up with so much more than most people ever have to deal with. Hang in there!!!!

The Griffith Family said...

Hang in there Mary...I will soon be feeling your pain. I will be moving to WA alone with the kids while Jamie is on deployment.He leaves in July. Not to mention in the middle of winter. This military life sucks YES but then again it's just one of the gazillion (is that a number?)reasons why I love my man...I'm so proud of him.
WE ARE A ROCK...stand firm.
(then again, I love the blog b/c we can whine our butts whine girl whine)