Monday, May 21, 2007


rainbow row, charleston, sc

Where to begin, let's try last Thursday...

On the schedule:
-Home inspection 10:30am.
-Walking tour downtown
-See the Tall Ships
-Dinner with friends

What happened:

Doorbell rings at 8:30am, who could it be this early? Oh great, the home inspector arrives 2 hours early. Thank goodness I had on clothes and not my pj's. I give him the go ahead to start the inspection. I rush the kids and we leave around 9:30am. We pick up a friend and head downtown. Walking tour was so much fun and I learned a lot of stuff about the city. The Tall Ships were out sailing the seas, so we missed them and after the walking tour we were to tired to go back and try again. So, we go to the hibachi grill, stuff our faces, and head for home. My throat is starting to feel like someone took a blow torch to it. Not what I need right now, to be down and out with a cold. I arrive home. Boy, did my temper get the best of me. My house was left unlocked, not one door, but all three. There was trash left in my living room, and to really boil me over, one of the closet doors in my bedroom was broken. I got on the phone to my realtor and filled his ear with a very angry hoarse voice.

Friday, voice is completely gone. I can only whisper and boy does the 2.5 yr old take advantage of this. I can't even force out a sound of any kind except a very heavy whisper. Not working on the boy's ears. Thank God for good friends. One great friend relieves me of the oldest boy for a couple of hours while I try to whisper my anger to inspectors, realtors, and realtor assistants. Finally, some breakthrough. The inspector is coming on Sat. morn to fix the door, even though he expresses adamantly he did not do it, or note in his inspection that the door was difficult opening. I don't care fix my door!

Sunday. I am the walking dead. Voice has come back to an occasional crack now and then. Throat feels like some used a sander on it for about 3 hours. Once again, I must stress how great friends are. My great friend pulls through for me again, picks up boy #1, takes him to church for a couple of hours and I catch a few more zzzzzz's. I wake up and it is like a new day. God really knew what he was doing when he created sleep. I think we can all say that is one thing we can never get enough of.

Monday. Brand new day. I am somewhat feeling better, throat still feels B-A-D. Boy #2 has a well baby visit with the doc. The doc checks me for strep, negative, just a bad viral cold. I must suffer through it. Boy #2 is AWESOME. He is a whopping 16lbs and 24in long. I think we are working on a football player here folks. He got more shots and is right now asleep on my chest. He is such a trooper.

Kevin update: He is fine. Playing bingo and flying. He called me this morning from Kuwait. He was going to fly but the plane broke. He sounds good on the phone, just missing home as usual. We are almost at the 1 month mark! Only 3 more months to go.

Added bonus, this morning Dan Patrick said the Sox were the best team in baseball. God bless the man. I had to throw that in for my sis-in-law. She has been brainwashed into pulling for the dark side, the yanks. Someday she will see the error of her ways! :)
Have a great week everyone!!


Jillina said...

I got your voice mail and thought um yeah we can talk later next week. On friday you sounded like the walking dead! Goodness hope you get better soon! At least the grandparents are coming this weekend.

On another note if you and Katie don't stop talking about baseball I'm going to disown you both!

Katie said...

I hope you get to feeling better...nothing's worse than a yucky throat. That tour thing sounds so fun! I guess you should get in all your Charleston fun while you can.

This series: Yanks 1, Sox 0 :) I nearly passed out when the Sox had the bases loaded with 2 outs. I think a lot of people think the Sox are the best team in baseball, but I'm still holding out hope for my pinstriped boys!

Cryssy said...

I'm glad your getting better. I was wondering about you since I didn't see you at church. Brandi gave me the heads up on your "inspection." I'd have murdered someone. Get better quick! Let me know if you need anything!