Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Top 10

So, I saw this on a friend's blog. It's kinda fun

google this "your name needs". example "Mary needs" and see what you get. My friend's blog was too funny! Here are mine

The top 10:

1 - Mary needs prayers - *ok yes, I could always use them

2- Mary Needs to Feed the Sheep - *ha ha, i thought it was a lamb

3- Mary needs to be freed from all this - *uhmmmm, ok

4- mary-needs-a-break - *Calgon take me away!

5- Mary needs to balance her ‘big picture’ thinking - *not sure how to respond to this one

6- Mary needs to let go of the old and prepare for the new- *I am trying, geesh

7- Mary Needs a Little Consistency - *I'm a military wife, c'mon now

8- Mary's needs and try to find the best - *yes, this is something I should work on

9- Mary needs to have a baby! - *no thank you

10- Mary needs a glass of water- *i think a stiff drink would be more appropriate after #9



Jillina said...

Ha Ha!! Very cute!

Ann said...

Isn't it WEIRD how some of them (only SOME) are somewhat true??

It's kinda like reading your fortune out of the cookie and saying, "HEY YEAH! That is so true!"