Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Dirt

Kevin by his plane

Looking at the runway thru the HUD

Kevin in front of the air field sign

Here are some pics sent straight from the desert. This is what he did today. He landed his C-17 on a dirt runway, it looks like in Afghanistan. He is the first in his squadron to do this. Isn't he just awesome! Yes, it freaks me out that he is wearing a bullet proof vest with a smile on his face, but at least I got some pictures! Great job babe!


Jillina said...

Glad to see Kevin's smiling face, I'm assuming he's already got William a camel :) just kidding!!!

Katie said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for posting these...I had tears in my eyes reading your blog. I know you are so proud of him...and I know you and the boys miss him more than anything. That smile on his face is most likely due to his wonderful, loving wife :)

Cryssy said...

Just be glad he has a bullet proof vest!!! He looks good though. I'm glad he gets to send you pictures. Tony was only able to get some from others whenever they decided to get around to it. I only got pictures twice while he was gone. Glad he is doing well.

JPJ said...

Way to go Kevin! Seeing these photos sure makes me start praying for him even more often and more intensely! Wow!