Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother Nature

I love this time of year. It is a tolerable temperature in Charleston. Fun to be had outside before the untolerable, can't take a breath, high humidity scorcher days arrive. For several weeks now I have noticed a bird fly out of one of the ferns on my porch. It struck me as odd, until a friend of mine mentioned that she had birds roost in her ferns before. So, I took down the fern and there it was. A small bird nest with little eggs. So sweet. Too bad I am moving and won't get to see the babies hatch. Yesterday I was standing at the door watching Noah's pool fill up and something caught my attention. I quickly grabbed my camera and got a quick shot of the parents to be. Daddy has the red on him and Momma is sitting down in the fern. You can really only see her head. Sorry the pic is dark, I couldn's use a flash and this was taken through the glass door. They never flew too far from the nest. Just to a neighboring tree in my yard and back. I must have stood there for 30-45 min. Then it hit me that I was bird watching. Something I thought only retired 80-year-olds do. Anyway, I loved seeing this circle of life and I thought about Kevin and I and our boys.

These are my mother's day flowers sent by my hubby-bub. Just love him. Yellow tulips were my fav. Then a friend gave me pink ones and I thought pink were my fav. Now, I got these white ones, and I think I might be totally in love. Heck, I think, give me a tulip of any color and I will squeal with delight!

This little bouquet here was given to me by my boys. There is just something about a little 2.5-year-old holding out flowers and saying "Happy Mother's Day, I wuv you" that transforms this ordinary bouquet into the most beautiful bouquet I have ever gotten {2nd of course to my hubby's! :)} Every day is sweeter and sweeter with my sons. How God has blessed me so richly by letting me have this borrowed time with them.

Ok, rambling and pic posting done. I think I like this blogging thing more than I ever thought I would.

And, if there are any Idol watchers out there.......I am so bummed about Lakeisha. The effects of her being voted off are still with me. However, Blake is still bringing it strong. So, I still have hope. I can't wait to see what happens this week!!!! Go Blake!


Cryssy said...

Just don't peek at your hatchlings too much or the mommy and daddy will abandon them. It happened to me. The little things in life really are the most important. It is in those little things that God's truth and His love are so evident. Those tiny eggs have to be just the right temperature and have the right amount of exposure to the air. God is there. Just look at your tulips. They are so extraordinary in their uniqueness and their form. God is there. His truth shows in the way of it. And His love shows in the joy of it. What a God we have.

Jillina said...

I told you blogging is so very fun. So glad your doing it!

K I nearly cried at the thought of seeing Noah say that with flowers...

And love the bird story. Don't worry sometimes I feel like I have more in common with the blue hairs than gals my own age after all we can knit and have some tea together. :)

Katie said...

The flowers are beautiful! Your boys are sweeties!!!

I haven't watched much AI this season, but I do like Blake the best out of the remaining.