Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Post Weekend Ramblings

Here is the latest pic of the boys. Aren't they cute! Caleb is almost overpowering Noah with his 16lbs being contained in a little round baby body. You can tell by Noah's expression that this was not his idea of fun. He was saying, "Moooooom, Caleb is heavy!" too cute.

We had a nice weekend, family came into town, I saw Pirates 3, and BBQ'd with friends. Can I just say that I love three day weekends. I am a stay at home mom, but knowing that a 3 day break is coming excites me. I get the chance to hang out with those friends that have 9-5 jobs and we get to just hang out. Most of us love to grill, so every chance we get we are firing it up and getting the gang together.

Pirates 3, hmmmmm, not a complete bust, but somewhat disappointed me. It had some great action sequences, but there were some things that struck me as w-e-i-r-d. I will not say them now, as some may not have seen the movie yet, but these things I thought were a waste of film and really had no purpose in the movie. I left the movie going, what was that all about? Anyway, it was just ok, and Johnny Depp is the only man I know that can wear heavy eyeliner and mascara and look good doing it. :)

It is becoming more and more real to me that we are moving. I reserved a mini-storage yesterday, and I was looking inside this empty space, which seemed small to me, and thinking that I am going to put our entire house in this? Soon, there will be no more chasing Noah through the house, or watching Caleb slide around on the wood floors. No more listening to Olley's nails click on the floor as she runs through the house as Noah is chasing her, no more stairs that make my knees ache, no more mole to hunt summer after summer, no more sand to sweep out of the garage after a day at the beach. Some of the weirdest things have been coming into my mind as these last 30 days dwindle. I scrapbooked last year's Christmas pictures. As I looked at the pics I realized that was our last Christmas morning in this house. The house where Noah had his first Christmas morning. The place where Caleb will never have a Christmas morning. It's just weird leaving your first real home, the home your parents did not establish, but you - the wife/parent helped establish. Sentimental stuff, I know. It's just sticks and nails, but there are so many memories of entertaining friends, watching babies crawl and walk, moments with Kevin on the back porch, the day we bought the house....so many things.


Cryssy said...

It really is JUST a house because those memories, although happened in the house, aren't in the house. Those memories will walk with you (or fly) no matter where you go. It is the memory that counts...not the house. And think of all the new memories you'd miss out on if you stayed. Toddlers and snow hmmmmmmmmm. And how cool will it be for Caleb to have his first Christmas in ALASKA!!!

And just so you know (as if you didn't already) those boys are too much. I just wanna squeeze 'em.

Jillina said...

Sweet pic of the boys. They are looking so alike!! Glad you had a nice weekend.

I'm with you on the house thing, whenever we talk about trying to sell and move I just can't. I'm emotionally tied to this place.

Katie said...

Love the picture! Noah is quite the comedian!

I can't even imagine all the meaning your beautiful home has to you and your family. I'm so glad you've done such an incredible job scrapbooking and photographing all those wonderful memories so they can be with you forever.

I totally agree about Depp. Such a hottie!!!!

Ann said...

We've moved three times, and our first house we were in for 9 years! So I understand- but the memories WILL go with you, and years later you will say "that was a cool house, do you remember when we did...??" and you'll remember the surroundings, yes, but mostly the memory.

Funny- Larry said the same things about P3-

And the boys- too funny!!