Thursday, May 3, 2007


ok, well you are never going to believe this one. The house sold yesterday! YEAH!!! Here is the long story, I hope you are ready!

Sunday I get a call that someone wants to look at the house....Yippee! So, they come. My previous blog tells of my pathetic plan to hide tape recorders in the house! No need, these folks come back for round #2. That's right. Tuesday I get a call saying they want to come back to look at the house again. Bigger YIPPEE! So Kevin calls I fill him in and he said he will be able to call back in a couple of days to find out what happens. I start to pray immediately. I was asking God that if at all possible let these folks make an offer on the house. So, the appointed time for the showing comes and goes. I am dying for some feedback from the folks about what they thought about the house. 8:15pm rolls around, our realtor calls, an offer has been put in. Let the negotiations begin, right after I give a huge high-five to God. The initial offer is way low, we counter, and the waiting game begins. I am so excited about the offer, how good God is about answering prayers when your heart needs the answer. I want to tell Kevin so bad, again I bow my head and pray, "God please put it on Kevin's heart to call home". Less than 2 hours later the phone rings and it's Kevin. WHOA! I felt like God was sitting beside me. I fill Kevin in, he agrees on the negotiating strategy. Now the real waiting begins - waiting on the reply from the potential buyers. All night long I pray for the buyers to make the right decision, that if they are going to buy they make an offer of $173K. I also pray for a release from my anxiety. Wednesday morning, sun comes up. I am so anxious, I start to pray again. I wanted this off my mind. Kevin was able to make an early morning call of ecouragement. How blessed I am that Kev is the one God chose for me. He is thousands of miles away fighting a war and he can find a phone to send me a call of encouragement. Praise God. Close to noon or slightly thereafter, the realtor calls. My ears are perked up like a labrador waiting on the command to fetch. He says, they have taken the offer at $177k but you pay $4k in closing costs, so you are selling for $173k. WHAT! I can't believe my ears! God once again, immediately answered a prayer. So, I accept the offer. I scream a little, do a happy dance and Noah immediately joins in. I dash up the stairs and hit the email to Kev. Once again, as I type I am praying God let Kevin check his email before he takes off for bed. About an hour later, maybe not that long, but anyway, Kevin calls. He is thrilled. He said he was on his way to bed and thought, maybe he should check his email one more time just in case. How wonderful is God??!! I went to the realtor's office yesterday and signed the contract. Closing is set for June 28th. For the whole day yesterday I am praising my God, the one who knows my heart. The one who heard mine and my husband's pleas to sell this house quickly and to relieve us of this burden so we can move to Alaska smoothly. The Israelites always changed God's name for His miracles that He did for them, so they could remember that time of God's blessing. So, I have chosen The God of Answered Prayer. If I ever pray in the future and don't get an answer quickly, I want to remember this time where it seemed that God was standing right beside me for 2 days, and know that He is listening and gives me His will according to His time. Before this, I can't remember a time He has answered my prayers so immediate. My God is so good, I praise His wonder and love.

I have a funny story, but that is too much to type right now. I have more home showings today.
I hope everyone who reads this gets to experience God in some way where you have no doubt that it is Him beside you, leading you, and providing for you. And when it happens, give it back to Him in praise and love and by abiding to His will. He is an awesome God!


Jillina said...

What an amazing testment to our God!

Katie said...

How awesome! I'm so glad everything worked out. I know that has to be a HUGE relief!