Tuesday, April 8, 2008


ok, so in my attempt to fix the slide show I somehow deleted what I wrote about rome. So I hope you read it cause it ain't getting retyped. Let me know if the pics are still all messed up, cause on my computer it is working fine.

*** Ok I give up! You will just have to use your imagination and come up with a good view of us in Rome based on the pics available. Grrrr!!!


The Griffith Family said...

so sad to say that I didn't get to read and I've so been enjoying your blogs! AND no the picturetrail isn't working. Some of the photos are deleted.
These are so cool. How many gb's did you go through while on your trip? Heehee. Just kidding... no really how many pics did you take?

Brandi said...

I did read your Rome tales. I laughed about the ridiculous man who cussed at you for getting in line...while going to see the VATICAN!!!! LOVED your thoughts. I thought to myself..."well, I guess you could look at it as part of the experience of going to Rome, just as Paul was so badly treated there." But I have to say I'm glad you mentioned that he was behaving that way in front of his children. Ridiculous!!
The pictures still aren't coming up, although some of them did the other day. The ones I saw were awesome of course. I would still like to go there someday... although I'd be one of those "foreigners." I can hardly imagine how amazing it must have been!

Jillina said...

I need to see all the pics. You must fill me in on everything.