Saturday, April 19, 2008

Riding the high

Ok, so leaving off with the last post where the SS tried to destroy the supermodel inside me.....
I was told about this website called sparkpeople. For those of you who see a diet as what you eat everyday, not what you do to loose weight, this is the place for you. It offers lots of recipes that are for normal everyday people, cause let me tell you I ain't fixin' seabass rubbed with herbs with a spring mix of greens and lentils for dinner. For one, no thanks, and two, try to get 2 toddlers to eat that. It may suggest something along the lines of oriental rice, which it gives the recipe for, and 99% of the time I have all the stuff in my cupboard. No buying special items like flax seed oil. It has tons of recipes so you can make substitutions where you need to. For instance you have a banana and they are suggesting grapes. I love how it gives you a target range and not a target. So I can have a little flexibility if I want to go out to eat. It has taught me alot since I am on the stupid side of counting calories. Maybe not so much stupid, but more like ignorant. I am learning alot. Also, it suggests a fitness plan. Which oddly enough is coinciding quite nicely with the one I have. It just ramped it up a notch. And since I have a target date, which is way way away, I am seeing the results on paper which is helpful since I am not seeing them on my body, yet. So, if a SS has put a fire under your butt, please check this place out. Added bonus is, it is FREE! Oh and I went back to the Y today. No sign of the specific SS, so I worked out happily wrapped up in the workout version of Umbrella by Rhianna.

I wake up this morning to beautiful sunshine streaming through the windows. It was beautiful. I roll over and the clock said 5:38AM! Yes, AM. Seriously. Do you feel me, Seriously!
Also, as previously mentioned, I strongly dislike light blocking roller shades. We bought them, broke them, took them back. So I have looked at everything and nothing is strong enough to be light blocking and affordable. I do not want to sink a ton of money into this cause this is a base house. We have to take them with us when we go, and seriously, I don't think I will be using them when we move to wherever else besides Alaska. So, as my friend Margaret said, I went and got the ghetto shades. Fed up with the light and the lack of an affordable solution, my light bulb went off. I head on down to the local JoAnns. If you don't know what JoAnns is, it is like Hobby Lobby, Michael's, AC Moore, craft store on crack. I go to the back where the 4.5ft bolts of fabric are located. I peruse and find exactly what will work. A blend of pleather, not plastic, not leather, soft and flexible, BLACK fabric. 6yds went home with me that day. I have pinned it to the inside of Caleb's window, and yes, it works nicely. Doesn't trap heat and keeps sun out. High-five to myself. Cover it with some cute curtains and no one is the wiser. Total cost $48, versus the cost of $240 for the cheapest light blocking shades that do not hinge on a roller. And before you go there, yes I found some cheaper on the internet, however, I live in Alaska where they charge you your first born child in shipping. So, I am happy with my ghetto shades, they work.
Noah and I have had some really mature conversations here lately. He is wanting new toys. I do not want MORE toys. So, we have thus began the compromise and the money plan. For every new toy he saves his money to buy, he has to donate/get rid of 2 toys at the house. To earn his money he has to do chores. We all have done them. He has chosen some that I would not suspect a 3.5yr old to do. Like, swiffer the kitchen and bathrooms, vacuum (with the hand held vacuum) while I sweep, and unload groceries. I am very proud of his attitude about this. One afternoon it took lots of coaxing to get him to pick up a zillion books he pulled out of his bookshelf. The next day Caleb decided they looked better in the floor. I hear Noah scolding Caleb, telling him that was not nice and he doesn't need to keep making messes. Hmmmm, wonder where he heard that? Anyway, Noah came back dwnstairs and tells me that he is angry with Caleb b/c he worked so hard putting those books away. So, I tell him I will pick them up since Caleb is not into picking up as a 15mo. old. Noah looks at me and says, "No mom, you will not pick them up cause I already did it". WOW! Hold the phone! You just did that all on your own??!! Well, ok. And yesterday after a visit to the grocery store I bring in the bags and Noah comes in the kitchen and asks, "Mom do you need some help?" The look on my face was enough cause he then asks, "Mom, why are you looking like that?" I don't get these days often, so to be blessed with 2 in one week! Should I prepare for toilets exploding next week?
Ok, as if this post isn't long enough.
Miss you hubby, love love love you.

Oh, and check this out when you get a chance.
I started lurking this site from Becky's blog. The gal is kinda cool.


phyllis said...

Mary, Noah is so grown up. I miss you guys. Exploding toilets don't come for a few more years. (When they realize this will close a school.) Home schooling never looked better. love you

Courtney said...

Arent they great? I dont think i would have thought they were ready for the allowance thing yet..but they get that it takes money to buy the toy, so I guess that makes sense! I am gonna try that! :)

Oh, and I will takea look at that website. I really want to focus on being healthier.

Jillina said...

K first of all for the previous post I'm sure the SS said that to you because they aren't used to non SS being in their class unless they are preggers and can't do as much. Seriously do not let it get you down.

2. Excellent idea with the toys I feel like Dave Ramsey would be proud :)

Katie said...

I second the toy thing being a great idea. I told some coworkers about it since they were talking about having so many toys. I'll have to check out that site.