Thursday, April 10, 2008


The title - My new overused phrase. As if you can't tell

5:30am - 10pm daylight sounds like fun if you don't have kids, or if you have kids that don't base bed time on when they can SEE it get dark OR WAKE UP when the light enters their room. Seriously not cool.

Roller shades, for lack of a better term, suck.

Keeping light from coming through the windows at 9pm is a seriously challenging task.

A little bit of advice - don't put a vacuum cleaner belt on your vacuum that isn't made for your vacuum. Ex. a bissell belt on a eureka vacuum. Your vacuum will sound like a screaming woman, melt the belt and all important pcs. on the bottom of the vacuum, seriously stink up your house and then die. Just take the wrong belt back and get the right one.

Never think to yourself that the snow/winter must be over. As soon as you do, it dumps 12 inches on you 2x in a 5 day period. Seriously.

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The Griffith Family said...

I wondered how that "ALL day ong daylight" ordeal worked for ya up there. Sounds fun. Bright daylight at 6pm is hard to adjust to here. I look at the clock and think "dang, I need to fix supper" thinking it's like 4pm. Unless it's raining out and there's no light.
I have to say that life is so much fun and interresting with children...isn't it?