Friday, April 25, 2008


Kevin's car

From the edge of the garage

So, the weather forecast said rain. The meteorologist said light snow mixed with rain, no significant accumulation. AND still they are saying accumulation in the higher elavations, not in the city. HELLO, where do I live? I'll just let the pics do the rest of the talking. And in case you can't tell, that is 13in on the measuring tape, not including the width of the tape base. And it is STILL coming down.

Pic I took earlier this week. How cute!
The kids found a new fun thing to do tonight. They found the bottle of powder. They looked like two little Casper's while eating dinner. Also, Caleb's room got new white carpet in the process! Kinda matches the outside don't cha think? How ironic.


Courtney said...

ha! I did that when I was mom still talks about that :) ..and, I got pictures for you, will post them today :)

The Griffith Family said...

How stinkin cute are they? You are truly blessed- which I know you already know that. I look forward to your post... they make me smile. Kids are suck a joy. We're having Beautiful weather... sorry but I had to rub it in. Make the best of it... I'd much rather be getting snow like that than the many inches of rain we get. I hate the wet environment.