Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Run, Climb, Mud, Slide, Dirt, and Pee

That title just about sums up our adventure to the playground today.

The weather here has been awesome! Bright shining sun, warm temps, and lots of energy to get out of the house and PLAY! So tonight a friend and I take our kids (totaling 4) for a wagon ride with a stop off at the playground. The kids are eating it up. Sliding, running, stomping the mud, throwing dirt, climbing all around! It's great. Caleb is so fearless he climbs to the highest point, cause he knows a slide will be up there waiting for him. He scoots up, shimmys his little booty around and goes flying down on his tummy! The more he went the more courage he worked up and soon he was going down face first on his tummy! WOW! He was flying.

So, at one point I had Noah on my right on this ledge. From the ledge he would grab the "fireman's pole" and slide down. He is just shy in height to grab the pole easily so a little mommy spot is all he needs. So, on my left I have Caleb going down the slide of propulsion - every time he goes down I HAVE to be there to catch him or he is going to shoot right out into a puddle of mud or take off in flight! He reminded me of some animated character being shot out of a cannon. The kids have their timing perfect. Noah was coming down the pole while Caleb was climbing up to the slide, and Caleb was sliding down while Noah was climbing up to get to the pole. Then the timing was interrupted by a potty break. However I did not know about this potty break. I turn around from watching Noah go down the pole, make 2 steps toward the slide where Caleb is about to shoot out. Then I here, "uh oh Ms Mary". I then turn around facing Noah (slide is now at my back) and see him standing there with his pants and undies at ankles and he has taken the fountain pose. (He has recently decided to start peeing standing up). Obviously, living in Alaska, the great outdoors and all, has really struck something inside my child that he feels that it is ok to now pee outside. As I am trying to corral the misguided, chaotic spraying fountain, I then hear, "giggle, giggle, whump". I then do an about face and see a mud covered face with a toboggan on top. I could not help but bust out in belly jiggling laughter. On my right is the fountain of chaos and on my left I have what looks to be a miniature army ranger returning from a field exercise!

After clothing was returned to its proper place and mud dusted from one's face we return to the wagon for a short stroll to a warm bath, bed, and laundered clothes.

Oh the joys of boys!


Katie said...

Thanks for the laugh this morning! I think it's super cool you let your boys be boys. I'm sure there will be many more hilarious tales as the years go by!!!!

The Griffith Family said...

AHHH just as I just posted on my blog... isn't life just grand? Having boys is such joy! Sounds like you had a blast.
Where is the camera at to capture all of this?

Courtney said... typical..just when you think you got it together PEE and MUD get involved! ha!