Sunday, April 13, 2008


Most of you know Krista. She has a link on my blog roll. If you don't, she is a good friend we met in Charleston that has decided to follow us to Alaska. Just kidding. She got a job flying airplanes for Alaska Airlines so she is moving here in a few weeks. She came into town on Sat night gave me a ring and we meet up to go to church together today. She dropped by the house this morning to ride in with us. When she walked in the door I about died. I quickly got past the "Hi how was your flight in" to "You are wearing the same pants I am!!" We could not have planned this if we had wanted to. Obviously she has good taste! HA! Even funnier is that we both said the place we bought them at the same time and yep, it was the same place. Luckily all my clothes are here AND unpacked so I could make the quick change and we didn't look totally goofy. Especially since this was her first time going to our church! HA! Oh, and for those of you who know her, ask her about Russ. Let's see if she remembers.

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