Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise

115 Nautical Miles of wildlife and beautiful scenery. This was a 6 hour cruise of pure bliss. Despite Kevin getting yelled at by a crew member for endangering his children, Me ralphing off the back of the boat, actually spending most of my time at the back of the boat, and we broke 2 cameras. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

We were surrounded by about 12 humpback whales at once. Everywhere you looked you saw spray, flukes, and arching backs. It was incredible. At a tidewater glacier we actually had a humpback whale breech the water directly in front of the glacier. It was very cool! We also saw sea otters, puffins, eagles, glaciers, sea lions, seals, bird sanctuaries, and just incredible views of Alaska's coastline. I really can not believe how beautiful this place is.

So the crew warned us that we could not carry Caleb on our hip near the rails. He had to be secured in a backpack or secured on our body somewhere other than the hip. They were freaking out that if we hit a bump in the water, well over the rails C would go. After 3 verbal warnings, Kevin got threatened and was told to put C in our backpack or he would have to see the captain. We kinda giggled cause it was like he was going to be sent to the principal. However, they were just lookin' out for our kid. So, in the backpack he went.

So Becki and I broke our point and shoot cameras. yay. Thank goodness it wasn't my 20D. I would be in the corner balled up and sobbing, still. Now the hunt is on for a new point and shoot. Any recommendations?

Pics are coming later. We have like a buh-zillion to go through.

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Jillina said...

I can not get over all the wildlife you guys are seeing. But I shouldn't be surprised Mark was in Alaska for what a week and he still talks about it all the time! Hopefully we will get up there to see you guys next year.