Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Skinny Tuesday - Recovery Part 2

Part 1 is HERE

Now you know what I do before a run, what about during and after?

This is new to me to replenish during my run. I am learning about this cause running for 2.5 hours straight is going to take plenty away from my muscles and I need my endurance to stay up. I am trying out different sports gels. I call them gel shots. These are little packages filled with gel and in the gel is a hefty dose of carbs, salts, and minerals (some have protein) to replenish your muscles and yet fit conveniently in your pocket. Some gels come with caffeine, but I am not trying those cause caff cuts my energy instead of giving me pep. I have used a couple now, and I can tell the difference after my run. My muscles are not screaming quite so loud. I took the gel 30min prior to my run with about 4-6oz of water. The first time there was more gel than it looked like could fit in the pkg, and at the end there was some forceful swallowing. I guess my mind then realized the delightful caramel flavor was not so delightful.

So for the marathon I will plan to do a gel shot 30min prior, and 2 during. One shot after every 45 min.

I am finding that the citrus flavors of the gel, GU brand, are the best for me while running. The citrus flavors, lemon, orange, etc, don't taste like a wad of sugar forced down my throat. And this brand seems to work best for me on my long runs.

What I do post run:

I like to drink a little bit of water just to quench the parchness. It is usually about 4-6oz. For me, a lot of water immediately afterwards kills my tummy. On long runs, I am doing half watered down gatorade and water. Throughout the rest of the day I drink A LOT (at least 64oz) of water. After my 80z of fluid I down 8oz of protein drink. I am liking the Odwalla Super Protein Vanilla Al'Mondo drink. It gives me 10g of protein in 8oz! I can down that really fast and it sits well on my tummy despite that it is made with soy and oatmilk. Added bonus is it is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals that aid in faster recovery. Bad news - it is loaded with sugar - 19g. I can look past that. :) After the marathon I won't have this drink. :(

Stretch, stretch, stretch. This is so important for me. Keep those muscles loose!

Completed Training Runs for the Half:
Mon - 1 hour
Wed - 1.5 hours
Fri - 1 hour
Sun - 35min
Mon - 70 min
Tues - 1 hour


I have stopped strength training for the next two weeks. However, unless you are training for a marathon, DONT STOP!

Back to the core, it's my favorite place. You would think I would have washboard abs by now, but I dont. Just goes to show you how hard you have to work to get a flat tummy.

Modified Plank. See demo HERE

Start out holding the pose for 30sec. Then move up your time as you progress.


Feel like your diet is going nowhere? The pounds are not coming off? Keep a food journal. Write down everything, EVERYTHING, that goes in your mouth. Then review it after 5 days. A handful of M&M's here, crust of the kid's pb&j's, and an extra roll at dinner will add up! This is a great way to help you WAKE UP and take notice to what you are eating. Take it from me......I am notorious for eating 3-4 goldfish at various times throughout the day. Those goldfish can pack a punch if I don't stop NIBBLING and I must make my food calories and nutrition COUNT!!!! Good luck!


Brandi said...

May I just say that I'm rooting for you the whole way. I think you're doing so well because you're not just "running", you're understanding the reasons behind training and what your muscles need which is motivating as well as rewarding. You're just an inspiration. Go Mary Go! Picture me standing along the sidelines cheering you on. love, Brandi

Caryn H said...

Me too. They should put your picture on a box of Kashi ceral or something. :) Hope you do great!!!