Monday, July 14, 2008

Random catch up

I find out later this week if Noah is getting into the preschool we want. He has been on the waiting list and they are releasing the class lists this week. Please pray he makes it in.

All of this outdoor biking and running has rubbed off on Noah. This weekend while camping he set up his bicycle where his training wheels were set up on rocks, making his back wheel lift off the ground a little. He then blocks in the front wheel and goes to town on his stationary bike. He would then do 10 laps around the pop-up and then ride some more. He told us he is training for his triathlon.

Kevin leaves for a trip on Friday. Please pray he is safe and makes it home safely.

I am sorry if I have not called some of you. You are on my to-do list this week. We have been putting camping before everything else, sorry.

Caleb has completely lost his angelic personality and is now in the throws of toddler terror! I have no idea how to handle him, cause Noah NEVER did it like this. **Disclaimer** his sweet smiles in the photos I post are in between raging tantrums. He is the the true definition of roller coaster.** He had his 18-month well baby and is right on cue. 23lbs and 29.5 inches. Right on.

I plan on posting pics but I am a little sad at being a camera down. And I have a million zillion to go through.

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