Sunday, July 20, 2008

More of Anchorage

The boys, Becki, and I had a couple days left before she leaves so we drive down to Portage to see another glacier. While on the way we see some dall sheep on the side of the mountain which is right beside the road. How cool! I love living in Alaska.

Lucky for all of us this boat ride was only an hour on a smooth as glass lake. The lake was made by the glacier as it went through the valley. The water was gorgeous. A huge piece of the glacier was up by the visitor center and the color was awesome. Becki went and got a new camera so we wouldn't miss all this beauty. This past winter while the lake was frozen, an avalanche came down and hit the lake. It did not break through the ice but caused an underice wave. It broke through at the visitor center bank and it was 30ft high! CRAZY! Because the glacier made the lake it is a dead lake. There is not any vegetation or fish in it.

We also walked around downtown and the flowers are amazing! The crazy amount of sunlight we get causes things to grow really big and have very vibrant colors! The color of the flowers were so bright that the camera could not do it justice.


Katie said...

I saw my mom's pictures, and holy guys saw (and continue to see) some incredible things. I really hope I can make it out there soon!!!!

The Griffith Family said...

so where are these pics of all this great stuff you are getting to see.... I want to go to Alaska... I want to go to Alaska... I want to go to Alaska.
It sounds so cool.

Born Blonde said...

Wow! That sounds really cool (sorry for the pun). What awesome memories you guys will have being there.