Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Skinny Tuesday

Ok, ok, ok. We are going to take a break from the paradoxes, myths, etc. I have some news. I am not real sure how I feel about this news. But here it goes. I am gonna go ahead and insert foot in mouth cause I have agreed to do a half-marathon! WHAT! hold the phone, cause sista has gone mad.

I know I said that a halfer would never happen. So I will go ahead and say that a full is definitely NOT happening. A full sounds like torture. After my last run in June, at the finish, I felt as though the half was doable. Well, some of girlfriends are doing a half in Aug and asked if I wanted to run too. Well, the inner runner/workout freak started jumping for joy while my legs were screaming at me "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING???!!!" So, you know the answer, I said yes.

So, if my math is correct, it took me 1hour to run 5.6 miles, which means to run 13.1, it will take me about 2hr and 20 min. WHAT?!
Oh yeah, I start training tomorrow. Training for a halfer in 4 weeks, while most take 12 weeks! How strong. This is going to happen after coming off of two camping trips, a family visit,
GI-normous eating hiatus, that has left me, well how should I say this, a big fat blob of pudge.

Well, now I need to learn about hydration, recovery, gel shots, etc. So, guess what Skinny Tuesday will be about for the next four weeks? That's right, running and training.
AND, since one of my bloggy friends has started running for the first time in her life (Go Court!) I hope she benefits from this info as well as the rest of you. Even if you are not going to run marathons, hopefully the info will help you learn how to take care of those muscles after sufficiently working them out and feeding those muscles right so they keep on going STRONG!


Even though I am training for a halfer I will not give up the strength training just yet. I am going back to the core this week because it is so important in overall health. Getting the weight off of the middle is important not just for our figure but for high blood pressure and high cholesterol and heart disease. (drumroll)...........

Reverse Crunches with Ball. See demo HERE.

If you do not have a ball, use one of your kids, you know, the $2.50 ones that they sell in the main aisle at wal-mart. Every kid has one. If not, go to walmart and get the biggest one. It will work in a pinch. Eventually, invest in an exercise ball. It is great. Trust me, good investment.


Can I just say the importance of eating right??!! I get off of my meal plan and boy can I feel it in my workouts. Having a balanced diet really does help with stamina, energy and endurance. So, if you are not sure how to start go to http://www.sparkpeople.com/. They can get you started. Already on a meal plan? Check out how you are doing. Plug in your diet and it will tell you the important percentages of carbs, fats, proteins, etc.

C'mon people, it's not about being skinny. Let's get healthy!!


Courtney said...

Okay, I jsut have to say THANKS..this is exactly what I need. I think that what you are doing, and CAPABLE of doing is great. That is awesome. Its a long term (crazy, what the HECK am I thinking!) goal but I havent an idea where to start.

I am excited to see you get there..and I will most certainly be checkin in to see some tips.

Wow. I am proud FOR you that you have it in ya..great!

Born Blonde said...

I thought you meant to use one of your children not one that belongs to your kids. I was really trying to picture how that would work before I could read on. Five minutes later, I caught up and realized what you meant.

Thanks for the laugh.