Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some recent thoughts........

I am thankful for a God who answers prayers. Kevin lost an engine on takeoff today out of Hawaii and was able to land the plane safely. Praise God that he and his crew are safe.

I ran for 1.5 hours today (yes my quads and calves are screaming!) on the treadmill and only God carried me that last .5 hour. He has given me the endurance and capability to be able to achieve some really awesome goals.

Last night, I saw a streetlight come on for the first time in about 4months. It was neat to see some darkness, but that also means summer is coming to an end and the snow will be here soon.

Why do children wake up at 530am? We are going on 3 consecutive nights. AND they refuse to take naps..............yaaawwwnnnn.

Latest phrase on the lighting store marquee:

"May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future."


Ann said...

I stand amazed...I can't even IMAGINE running an hour, let alone more. Thirty minutes TOPS for me.

AWESOME, Mary- I love to come and read about how you're doing- keep it up!!

The Griffith Family said...

I ditto the same that ann said about visiting your site... you amaze me how you're a strong dedicated lady/mom/and wife. OK you not only amaze me... you motivate me. Miss ya girl.
OH and did you say summer is coming to an end there? WHAT? It's just getting started here. I hear what you'r saying about noticing things that you're way too use to or just take for granted in the past. Mine was the first lightening storm. We never seen lightening or heard thunder in WA... I LOOOOOVE a good'ol storm. Now- we get them all the time.

Brandi said...

I too am impressesd with you...but I'm going to comment on the early waking hours of the boys and lack of sleep. I feel ya....that's a definition I'm very acutely aware of these days so I can say that I empathise! love, with a yawn too, brandi
oh, and congratulations on your hour and a half run. WOW.