Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Camping Fun

So, Kevin and I get a real bad wild hair to catch a king salmon. Well, the last weekend to fish for kings was this past weekend. The run is mostly north of here now, and most of the streams are now closed for king fishing because the season has been slow due to the cooler weather.

We make a last second call to load up and go camping/fishing for the weekend. We go to one of the last places open to fish for kings. The campground we wanted to stay in was full - big shocker - so we drive on up the road. Surely we will find a place to stay right?

We chose this little place close to the "fishin hole" where there are other campers as well. Gotta be ok right. It is just for a couple of nights. OH MY AIKEN!! We end up in 4-wheeler H**L!! We were obviously the sore thumbs cause we did not have 4 wheelers to ride around like crazy ppl, since the rest of them were DRUNK driving these 4 wheelers! I could go on and on about the worst place in Alaska to camp. I will spare you any further bad details that may spew from my fingers.

For most of the day on Sat. we were away from the 4-wheeler madness and sat down on the river bank fishin for the last of the king run. Supposedly in the land of the salmon run you are allegedly able to just drop your line in the water and before your lure hits the water fish are jumping up and hooking themselves. Well, not so much. Apparently these not-normal temps are taking its toll on the salmon running. We saw them jumping in the water. We would cast our lines right in front of them, and to no avail. They decided the nice water was better than our freezer. Grrrrrr. So, no kings this year. I have my sights set on next year.

We are loading up and going back to Seward, LW(lord willing), at the end of this month. The next run of salmon are coming through and we are going to start fishing at the BEGINNING of this run. We need more fish in the freezer!

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Katie said...

I love me some salmon, so I absolutely understand the passion. Oh dear about the 4 wheelers. I guess there is a little redneck in all 50 states!!!