Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Last 50

51 I hate mushrooms

52 I do not like my loaf of bread to be smashed - it has to go on top of the bag or alone in the bag in the seat with me or next to me. period.

53 I am a hands-on learner

54 I like to be the driver in the car when I am with anyone except my family

55 Clutter seriously frustrates me

56 I do not lie, ever

57 Sometimes I wish I still had a 40hr/wk job

58 I love being in the mountains

59 I have personal boundaries that demand respect

60 I watch scary shows late at night and then can't sleep, then get mad cause I watched it in the first place

61 I welcome change but miss the things I leave behind from that change

62 I say "I know" a lot

63 I am scared of a 3rd c-section

64 I love to paint

65 I love to run, but can't b/c of my knees

66 I am a do-it-right-the-first-time, kind of gal

67 I am a believer of spas and pampering

68 I know prayer works

69 I spank my children

70 My fav vacation was Colorado in 05

71 I am a scrapbook-aholic

72 I love chocolate too much, I eat some almost everyday

73 I watch Friends re-runs almost everyday

74 I am completely debt free

75 I don't believe in credit or a credit score

76 I am a Dave Ramsey follower

77 Listening to Joyce Meyer pumps me up

78 I am becoming like my mother with a "Mary" spin on it

79 I like going barefoot

80 My fav flower is the tulip

81 I dont mind confrontation, it clears the air

82 I am a star gazer

83 I am an astronomer wanna be

84 I have a strong work ethic

85 I admire and tremendously repect my husband - he is a big part of my heaven on earth

86 I am a do-er not a follower

87 I would give my life for my husband and children

88 I was in a sorority in college

89 I think breastfeeding is the best

90 I am usually in my pjs until noon on a daily basis, somedays I don't get dressed at all

91 I am a Republican

92 I am a fan of foreign cars, I think domestic cars are not as good

93 I am a fan of the Tennessee Titans, Alabama Crimson Tide, and the Oklahoma Sooners (when they are not playing the SEC)

94 I listen to Colin Cowherd in the mornings on ESPN radio

95 I like Bill O'Reilly and the way he thinks. He is a no-nonsense type of person

96 I think Dr Phil has become a conservative Jerry Springer

97 I don't believe in divorce

98 I am a person who thinks a lot of problems can be solved through self-discipline

99 I don't have a problem telling someone "no"

100. I am glad I finished this list!


Katie said...

#63 - So does that mean another kid in the future?

#74 - Thank goodness for sugar daddies

#75 & #97 - They are very real!

#90 - Lucky you!

Mary Jackson said...
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Mary Jackson said...

Not really sure what you mean by "Thank goodness for sugar daddies". I hope you are not referring to Kevin or Marc as one.

Courtney said...

Hey, all that makes me miss ya!

Jillina said...
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Jillina said...

Yes is there another child we don't know about?

Katie said...

Lol! I wish!

Gotta ask again...is there another bun in the oven????????

Mary Jackson said...

No buns cooking here. At least not yet. Need a little time in between Caleb and baby #3.

Ann said...

55- Feng shui!

57- DON'T- enjoy where you are, it goes by TOO fast.

67, 68, 69- Amen, Amen, Amen.

88- Which one? I'm a Delta Zeta

91- So who to vote for??? ARGH!

92- Amen again.