Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Feeling like home!

I am a person who thrives when on a schedule. With a schedule I know what to expect and when to expect it. Just a part of my "control freak" personality. I have been w/o a schedule since we left Charleston. This has been nice doing the "go with the flow" thing. However, now I am finding I get nothing done. So, I am in great need of my schedule back. Oddly enough my schedule is falling right into place w/o much pulling and pushing from me.

Started a Bible Study group this morning. It was awesome. So much energy and it was so nice being around so many Christian women. It felt like home. Added bonus is, it is on the same day and time as my group I had in SC. I am so excited to watch us all grow together in Christ.

In SC I was a loyal goer to Dream Dinners. It saved my life in so many ways. The number one thing was b/c KJ was gone so much in SC I hated spending 1-1.5hrs cooking dinner and not spending time with him, and Dream Dinners made it possible for me to spend more time with him after work. Now that we are getting somewhat settled in the house I was really starting to miss the ease of Dream Dinners. KJ is working until 6pm or later and then coming home and we do our nightly routines with the kids and then we have little time together in the evenings. Well, today I visited Super Suppers. The Alaska version of Dream Dinners. I am so excited. I love spending time with my husband and want to take advantage of the time he has at home right now. Thank you Super Suppers.

At bible study this morning I ran into one of the ladies in my squadron. Very nice. She and I chatted away. We have a lot in common. We both scrapbook, we have children the same ages born in the same months (that was very weird!), love trying eat and live more naturally, and were actually in the same squadron in Charleston, but she moved away soon after we moved in. So we are talking about doing a babysitting swap once a month so we can have some date nights with the hubbys. I am so excited! It has been so hard to find a trustworthy babysitter. It took me a long time to feel comfortable with Sara - the awesome sitter we had in SC. Also, Caleb is still a little young to be out in the snow and cold for 2 or 3 hours which puts the nix on him skiing, for now. I really look forward to having more date nights with KJ.

KJ is working like mad right now. He is working the desk scheduling for the squadron. So he has long days and carries a squadron cell phone. I should not complain cause he is not gone 3wks/month. He is itching to get on a trip though, cause it has been since July that he has flown overseas. I want him to go, strangely enough, cause he is missing his 2nd love. He and Mike are getting in some snowboarding when they can. Which is really good since I stink so bad at it right now.

Noah and Caleb are doing really good. Noah is growing. He is now going into 3T clothes. Which is weird cause when we left SC he was still wearing some 18mos shirts!!! Everything that was in his dresser drawers went straight into Caleb's room when we got here. He had outgrown everything! He is still on the short side - big surprise, look at his parents! - so he is still in 2T pants, but who cares!! He is actually wearing big boy clothes!
Caleb is working on standing w/o holding onto anything. His confidence is getting greater and greater. He gets around pretty good crawling and that is fine with him and me. He is talking up a storm and his pointy finger is now is primary means of communication. We get a point and then a "buh", "bah", or "da".

Alright that catches you all up and meets my blogging quota for a bit!


Katie said...

I'm all about quick dinners. Try RR 30 minute meals or Dinner Doctor for quick fix meals, or prepare crock pot meals during the day - if the other thing falls through.

Courtney said...

You are missed and talked about (all good stuff I promise) VERY often over here! The Summerville Fam remembers Mary, Kevin, Noah and Caleb with fond memories..so glad you are making new ones with new friends!

Jillina said...

Do you ever cook with the boys? I plop William in the kitchen with me and he loves it. Last night he helped me make vege lasgana. Cooking together is the only way we make through the rough hours of 4-6 some days.

Ann said...

May have to try Dream Dinners- sounds like a plan...