Saturday, January 26, 2008

What a wonderful start

KJ is on a trip so you guys get to hear me gush!

I got up early and shoveled the driveway. New personal best 23min!!!! with at least 6-8 more inches of fresh snow. I could not believe it! I had some drive this morning! I know you are sick of hearing about the shoveling, but this is a new fun way to motivate myself. I can challenge my shoveling time with each snow I get to shovel while KJ is gone. Everyone needs a little drive about something, mine just happens to be shoveling snow right now. LOL!

While I was out shoveling the snow, Noah got up. We are in the throws of potty training and going potty first thing is always good praise time cause everyone has to go 1st thing in the morning. He is a little cranky when he gets up so I usually have to coax him with the thought of getting to wear his big boy underwear if he goes. Well, he gets up I am not inside to help coax him to the potty, so I expected a wet pull-up when I came in. Oh no folks, my big boy is starting to get it. He woke up, came downstairs, went potty and put his big boy underwear on ALL BY HIMSELF!!! I came into the house, he runs to the door to tell me of his HUGE accomplishment. I was so astonished at his excitement and the fact that he thought about it, and took the time to do it! After he tells me he says, "Yeah, you are proud of me aren't cha?" You bet I am, you bet I am (with emphasis and a heart full of joy!)

Not to mention how full of the Lord's spirit I am today. Last night doing my Bible study, I just fell apart before God and boy did it feel good. Feeling God's spirit late last night with the wonderful blessings this morning was such a wonderful way to start my day! I feel as though I am ready for any "accidents" we may have today with our continuing potty training. I feel as though they will not be just things to clean up. My frustration with this whole matter seems so invisible right now. Shoveling this morning in the dark and quiet is so peaceful and I can meditate on God. How wonderful He is to give us the snow. Even though it may be a pain to shovel! How if we believe Him and not just believe in Him, He stretches our faith and our walk with Him is so much more wonderful.

I could just go on and on. I hope God fills you with His spirit today too.


Greg said...

Wow, what a great blog! It had a funny (and exciting!) story about Noah, and it was so encouraging at the end. Thanks for the "pick-me-up!"

Cryssy said...

Good for HIM!!!!! We still can't get Gabe to do that!! And I can so picture you out there with your shovel heaving load after load. I'm glad you have such a great motivator...and you don't need to go to the gym for that! Love ya!

Ann said...

Wow, that's awesome, Mary!

I need to find time to be closer to God, it seems like with me working this year I just keep struggling to keep our heads above least He knows...

Pray for me to find peace like yours, I need it!

Katie said...

What a relief about Noah! I guess some things just work out in their own time.

Courtney said...

Wow. Now I am jealous!

I can just picture a dark/quiet moment like that ..the cold air, and a sense of blessings to great to speak of, a sense of accomplishment and peace.

I need to look for that today..thanks for the reminder!