Sunday, January 6, 2008

My new favorites

Just a couple of things that have now become a new favorite in my home.....

1 - Mrs Meyers hand soap. I bought this at Christmas and have now found an awesome replacement for the bath and body works kitchen soap I was so addicted to.

2 - Mrs Meyers counter top cleaner. I had originally bought this b/c it's organic and safe for kids and bought the hand soap later. Anyway, this stuff smells GOOD and it cleans well. I use it all over my kitchen. I have since bought the all-over surface cleaner. I will be trying it very soon. So far Mrs Meyers is making a good showing.

3 - Intense XXL Volume & Length Washable Micro Fiber Mascara - lots of reasons. it does not smudge, it takes ALOT to make it smudge. It has two ends a primer and the mascara. It actually takes less time putting on the primer and mascara than it did doing 2 coats of my old stuff. It dries fast which prevents the little dots under and over the eye. I could go on and on, but this is my new fav

4 - Bare Minerals makeup. When I find a makeup that works I will become loyal like a dog to its master. I have oily sensitive skin and this stuff prevents the shine has nice coverage and is not thick, heavy, and it does not feel like I am even wearing makeup. It LASTS and the "well rested" for eyes is magnificent. I am now a believer in mineral makeup. It works.

5 - Organic Smart Balance butter with Omega 3 and 6. No trans fats, cooks and bakes very well, tastes very yummy and it actually somewhat healthy with the added omegas. Oh and the sodium is under control and the cholesterol too which is a big problem in dairy products.

Ok, so there are a few of my new favorite things.

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