Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Am Deceiving My Family

I am as my title states and I do not feel bad about it at all. I am so happy! I am even giddy over it.
I have been so interested in this cookbook, Deceptively Delicious. So my deception is sneaking veggies into my family's meals. Most of you make think, WHOA stop the presses! However, please realize that I live with the pickiest eater (aka my hubby), the 3year old veggie striker (Noah), and the copycat (Caleb, who sees Noah not eating veggies so he joins the strike!). No amount of ranch dressing, ketchup, cheese, or any other dressing can get the veggies down them. So after 2 days of using this cookbook I have been able to put cauliflower, sweet potato, carrots, and oats in them! They even ate the turkey burgers I made last night. They were darn tasty, if you ask me.
Although I am being so sneaky, the hubby bought me this cookbook for Christmas. So what, right? Nope. Now I have him asking me more than usual, "what's in this?" He should be prepared for my deception. He gave himself the warning when he bought the book.
The rewards for them are not only are they getting the vitamins and good stuff from the veggies, they are getting a wife and mother who does not stress over every meal wondering how I am going to get the necessary nutrients in them. Which in turn makes me a happier person to be around. I don't have to spend hours working on a grocery list! YAY!

On to another subject. Noah is my little adult. Seriously this kid is like hanging out with myself all day - which can be frustrating since we are both VERY strong willed individuals. I have been trying to sneak in soy milk to the kids. It is WAY better than regular milk. Well, Noah does not dig the vanilla flavored soy that is advertised "Kids love it!" So, I thought I would give the plain soy milk a try with him. I gave him a cup and he drank about 1/4 of the cup. He then sets the cup down and says, very straight faced, "If I keep drinking this I am going to get sick to my stomach." The look on his face was enough for me to take the cup to the sink.

Yesterday me and the boys were just hanging out and I looked up and saw snow coming down. I stopped for a moment and admired how pretty it was. Then I hear Caleb, "buh buh buh" with emphasis. I look over at him and he is POINTING out the window at the snow. He has seen the snow, but this time he acknowledged it. It was awesome. He started after this moment pointing at everything and going "buh" or "uh". My little man is starting to communicate with more than a scream!

Well this morning I am making breakfast and Noah comes in the kitchen and says, "Mom, I want a chick." Uh, a baby chicken? Yes this is what he wanted. So I tell him we have no where to keep a chicken and chickens don't like the cold and snow. He seems to accept this and wanders back into the other room. A few minutes later he comes back with a bin from the toy shelf and says, "Mom we can keep the chick in this." This statement was made with all the seriousness a 3yr old can muster. I tell him I want to take a pic of him with his chicken coup. So as we take the picture Caleb crawls over and Noah says, "Mom, Caleb can be my chicken cause he doesn't mind the cold and snow." So we put Caleb in the bin and take more pictures. (I will post later) Caleb loved being a chicken. Noah was happy to have a pretend pet chicken. I hope we do not have to get a real chicken in the future!


Ann said...

Ya'll crack me up!!

I am going to need to check out that cookbook- don't tell anyone, ok? We have the same issues here- Larry is ok, but David is carb-addicted and Jacob is Italian, I'm sure of it. Mary E will try just about anything, and her favorites are broccoli and mushrooms! My theory- the longer and more exclusively an infant is breastfed, the better eaters they are. Someone should research this for their thesis.

Jillina said...

A word of warning do NOT make the choc chip cookies no matter what Oprah says they are not yummy. We threw away the baked cookies and the batter! Other than that everything is really delicious!

Have you tried the spagetti pie yet? It's become a stand by here. We add a little pumpkin puree to it though but we add pumpkin to all spagetti sauce.

Cryssy said...

Your whole family makes me smile! I can see Kevin in my mind with a fork full poised over his plate and asking what he is eating. I can see Noah and Caleb doing their little things too (although it is getting harder to picture Caleb since he has changed so much).

phyllis said...

Im with Cryssy here. I see Keven saying ever so sweetly what's in here, we need more pictures with Caleb and Noah. We miss you. Lots of Love.

Courtney said...

Silly giggles.

What a fun read..these little fellas sure give a lot to smile about, huh?