Tuesday, January 22, 2008

1 Year Update & Birthday details

Today we took Caleb in for his one yr check up. He weighs 20lbs (10th percentile) and is 28in in height (5th percentile). This is about normal considering the size of his parents! The awesome thing is he gets to now sit forward facing. We barely made 20lbs, but we made it. I had prayed that we would! He also has all of his 1yr molars coming in at once, so life is very much like a roller coaster right now. Poor guy has a blood blister where one of his molars is pushing through so hard. It will go away with some time.
Caleb had a party on Sat for his birthday. He had a few friends over and LOVED IT! He loved the whole day! It was so much fun to see his excitement all day long. Below are just a few the we wanted to share.

Helping Mommy make my birthday breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes. I have a sad face cause mommy put a clip on the bag of choco chips and now I can't sneak them in my mouth while she is not looking!

After my pancakes, they were YUMMY! - Today I am ONE!

I love playing with the balloons for my party!

Cool hat, huh?!
I love my birthday cake cone!
Maybe one more, for good measure.
My birthday cake cone! Yum!


Jillina said...

Very cute! Your cupcake cones look so good as does the hat. See you are crafty!!

phyllis said...

I can not believe Caleb is one. He is so cute I want to just give him the chocolate chips back. Good pitures, we sure do miss you guys. love ya

Katie said...

I love the pictures! He looks so happy. The cone is adorable.

Courtney said...

I needed a cute idea for birthday hat for the ladies retreat..thanks for the inspiration!