Thursday, January 17, 2008

Crisis Cleaning

I am in the midst of crisis cleaning. Caleb is having his 1st birthday party in our still semi-moved in house. I use the Flylady's method for crisis cleaning b/c it works in breaks, so my children are not completely ignored all day. I hope I can pull this off in time. I am a little sad that Caleb's 1st party will not be as big as Noah's. I think 1st's should be big! Maybe next year we will do the BIG party. Anyway - I have got to stay focused on cleaning. Thank you flylady.

Noah has started to ask the hard questions. Question 1 - where did this world come from? Try explaining that to a 3 yr old in terms they can understand. Question 2 - Why is it so hard to understand God? I am still asking myself this question somedays! I am trying my best to help him get it and be honest about it, again in terms that he can understand. I am going to die if the questions get any harder! I think this is coming from us studying the Bible. I just hope God will provide the right answers, He knew this was coming.

Caleb said MAMA!!! Now it was not directly at me, but he said it nonetheless! Can you believe he is one tomorrow?


Courtney said...

That crisis cleaning schedule is my BEST FRIEND! It work 100% of the time (assuming I can get 5-10 minutes to focus on it for each room) ..and you know I think Flylady ROCKS!

Hope you pulled it off..I have no doubts! Happy birthday Caleb!

The Griffith Family said...

don't you just love being a mommy. It's the best gift you could ever receive. I've been slapped with lots of questions over the years and TRUST ME... God has you all prepared. Remember to talk to HIM about that when you pray and HE will guide you when the time comes. Your boys are gorgeous!